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Abyss Lab

Honkai 3rd

Elysian Realm
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Ritual Imayoh

Physical DMG
Time Mastery


Starlight Blessing

Leader Skill
Leader Bonus: Star Eater: Team gains 18% max HP during combat, and MECH-type characters gain 10% Crit Rate during battle.

Star Eater

Team gains 18% max HP, and MECH-type character gains 10% Crit Rate during battle.


Passive bonuses apply automatically. Valkyrie has 25% bonus Crit Rate. For every 4s after entry, she deals 16% bonus Physical DMG and 8% bonus Total DMG. 5 stacks max. Effect removed after exit.

Scorching Meteor

Basic ATK against frozen enemies additionally deals 35.0% ATK of Fire DMG.

Eclipse Corona

Deal 60.0% more DMG against shields.


Quickly evades enemy attack. Can be performed twice in a row. Within a short duration after Ultimate Evasion, tap [ATK] to quickly dash to the enemy and unleash a Flying Kick that can be linked to the 4th Sequence of the Basic ATK. Time Fracture: Triggered upon an Ultimate Evasion and slows all enemies for 3s; CD: 15s.

Ghostly Starlight

Restores 80.0 kinetic energy upon Ultimate Evasion.

Deathly Space

Shortens CD of Time Fracture by 4.0s.

Combo: Galactic Collapse

Special Attack
Tap and hold [ATK] after Basic ATK Sequence 1, 5, 6 or evasion to unleash Combo ATK. Kinetic Energy (KE) maxes out at 900 (3 stacks of 300 KE each) and slowly regenerates when Valkyrie is deployed. Combo ATK effect is based on the amount of KE stacks filled. 0 KE: 2x60% ATK of Physical DMG. 1 stack (1-300 KE): 3x170% ATK of Physical DMG. 2 stacks (301-600 KE): 5x200% ATK of Physical DMG. 3 stacks (601-900 KE): 2-stack effect plus homing missiles that deal up to 4x250% ATK of Physical DMG.

Switch: Modgud Impact

Switch entry directly unleashes the 3rd hit (upper kick), dealing 160.0% ATK of Physical DMG.

QTE: Hela's Geyser

QTE: Triggered when enemy is frozen: directly launch a powerful Cannon ATK, dealing 5x160% ATK of Physical DMG.

Garm Unbound

Combo ATK inflicts 2 Ignite Trauma on shielded enemies.

Death Nova

Summon a gun turret for battle Deploys the Eljudnir gun turret [Summoned] that fires 40 penetrating light bullets, dealing 35% Physical DMG for each shot. SP cost: 60.

Holy Defender I: Sloth

Turret summoning grants 300.0 Kinetic Energy immediately. When the turret deploys, character deals 450.0% ATK of Physical DMG to nearby enemies.

Holy Defender II: Idleness

For 6s after summoning the turret, team gains 35.0% Move Speed and 30.0% Attack Speed.

Meteor Eternia

Each time the turret fires a projectile, deal an additional 15.0% ATK of Physical DMG.

Torrential Nebula

Basic Skill
6-sequence Gun Kata. Mechanically enhanced 6-sequence Gun Kata: 1st Sequence: 2x50% ATK of Physical DMG. 2nd Sequence: 3x40% ATK of Physical DMG. 3rd Sequence: 3x50%+50% ATK of Physical DMG. 4th Sequence: 100%+150% ATK of Physical DMG. 5th Sequence: 10x50%+100% ATK of Physical DMG. 6th Sequence: 3x100% ATK of Physical DMG.

Deep Gravity

The 6-sequence Basic ATK gains 50.0% Crit DMG and restores 20.0 Kinetic Energy for the Valkyrie when scoring a Crit hit.

Stygian Aurora

When Basic ATK interrupts an enemy, it has a 40.0% chance to inflict 3 Stun Trauma (CD: 7s).

Impalpable Entity

When Basic ATK or Combo ATK breaks a shield, the target and nearby enemies take 180.1% ATK of Physical DMG and receive 3 Stun Trauma.