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Abyss Lab

Honkai 3rd

Elysian Realm
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Physical DMG
Fast ATK


Kindred's Link

Leader Skill
Leader Bonus: Kindred's Link: Team gains 25% Move SPD. MECH-type characters gain 14% Attack Speed.

Kindred's Link

Team gains 25% Move Speed. MECH-type characters gain 14% Attack Speed.


Character automatically gains passive bonuses. Upon performing an Ultimate Evasion, character gains a continuous Holy Brand effect for 60s. If another Ultimate Evasion is triggered during that duration, the mark will be cleared and the character will receive a Holy Salve effect for 10s. If the character's HP is below 30% of max HP, then quickly heal 200 HP/s.

Divine Huntress

While Holy Salve effects are active, character gains 45.0% DEF.

Breath of Gluttony

Holy Salve gain 50.0% Max Healing.

Shade of Envy

Against ignited or bleeding enemies, gain 20.0% to Total DMG Multiplier.

Kindred's Feint

Quickly evade enemy attacks. Can be performed twice in a row. Shadow: Upon performing an Ultimate Evasion, deals 200% ATK of Physical DMG against nearby enemies and inflicts a 13s Hunted Brand. Holy Brand: Gained upon an Ultimate Evasion, boosting Physical DMG by 15% for 10s; CD: 15s Follow-up: Tap [ATK] within 3s after an Ultimate Evasion to immediately cast Sturmgeschütz.

Phantom Walk

After evasion or switch entry, character takes 30.0% less Physical and Elemental DMG for 6.0s. CD: 15s.

Lucid Strike

After Ultimate Evasion, character's Physical DMG skill effects gain 30.0%.

Reach of Desire

Shortens CD of Ultimate Evasion by 2.00s. Restores 70.0 HP upon a successful Ultimate Evasion. If current HP is below 50%, additionally restores 70.0 HP. Healing effect CD: 5s

Combo: Purifier's Brand

Special Attack
Unleash a powerful shot after the 1st sequence of Basic ATK: Power Shot: 300% ATK of Physical DMG against targets along a straight line; targets hit will be marked with a Hunted Brand for 13s.

Heart of Rage

Deal 35.0% more DMG against shields.

Feast of Mammon

In Holy Salve, Basic ATK has a 11.0% chance to inflict 3 Ignite Trauma on a non-ignited enemy.

Ward of Sloth

When exiting with Holy Salve active, slows ATK Speed and Move Speed of nearby enemies by 80% and weakens them to make them deal 80% less Total DMG. Effect lasts 4s.

Barrage Macabre

Suit up in a powered battlesuit to unleash raw devastation. Powered Battlesuit: Tap and hold the [ATK] button to continuously attack enemies in front of you. SP cost: 125; CD: 30s; Ultimate duration: 10s. Autorifle Attack: deals 50% ATK of Physical DMG and impairs enemies (if not yet impaired), reducing their DEF by 50% for 10s. Missile Attack: deals 50% ATK of Physical DMG. Restructure: During Ultimate, if character HP is below 25% Max HP, then heal 200 HP/s. Character cannot be killed throughout the skill duration, but will also be unable to switch for other characters.


Summons orbital bombardment attacks (lasts 15s) upon Ultimate activation, dealing 150% ATK of Physical DMG per second and inflicting a 13s Hunted Mark. Effect ceases immediately when the Valkyrie leaves the battlefield.

Brand of Despair

Ultimate gains 15.0% Total DMG Multiplier against enemies marked by the Hunted Brand.

Sun of Ragnarok

Within 15s after casting Ultimate, the Valkyrie deals 80.0% ATK of Fire DMG every 0.5s in a large area. The 1st hit inflicts 3 Ignite Trauma and subsequent hits each inflicts 0.3 Ignite Trauma. Exiting removes the effect.

Nocturnal Cantata

Basic Skill
Activates Sturmgeschütz attack after the 3 Basic ATK sequences. The direction of Sturmgeschütz can be controlled using the joystick. 1st Sequence: 2x40% ATK of Physical DMG. 2nd Sequence: 2x40% ATK of Physical DMG. 3rd Sequence: 2x50% ATK of Physical DMG. Sturmgeschütz: Deals 4x50% ATK of Physical DMG and impairs the targets (if not yet impaired), reducing their DEF by 50% for 10s. Sturmgeschütz deals 100%x2 ATK of Physical DMG against all enemies with a Hunted Brand within a 10m range. If there are no more than 3 enemies on the battlefield, Sturmgeschütz will deal 200%x2 ATK of Physical DMG instead.

Sin Stalker

During the 3rd sequence of Basic ATK and Sturmgeschütz, the Valkyrie gains Iron Body and takes 70.0% less Physical and Elemental DMG.

Sanguine Feast

Each time Sturmgeschütz is activated, the Valkyrie's Basic ATKs and Ultimate ATKs gain 8.00% Total DMG for 13s. Effect can be stacked up to 6 times. Triggering this effect again resets the duration. The Valkyrie loses 2 stacks of said buff effect when attacked outside the skill duration of Sturmgeschütz or Ultimate.

QTE: Erosive Pride

QTE: Triggered when enemy is knocked airborne or shield break. Deals 7x140% ATK of Physical DMG to nearby enemies and gain 1 stack of Sanguine Feast buff. Tap the [ATK] button within 3s after using QTE to unleash Sturmgeschütz.