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Honkai 3rd

Elysian Realm
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Driving Thunder



Aristocratic Dignity

Leader Skill
Leader Bonus: Leader Bonus: Team deals 0.0% more Ice DMG through Ultimates or in Burst modes. For every Ice DMG dealer on the team, team gains 0.0% Total DMG.

Flashing Thunderbolt

QTE deals 30.0% bonus Lightning DMG.

Thundering Chant

QTE marks enemies hit and grants Keqing 25.0% Total DMG Reduction plus high Ignore Interrupt for 10s.

Pellucid Lightning

Step back and unleash blade waves. Kinetic Energy: Max at 600. Each hit of Basic Attack restores 50. At 100 or more KE, tap the weapon skill button to unleash blade waves. 1st Sequence: 250%x4 ATK of Lightning DMG 2nd Sequence: 250%x4 ATK of Lightning DMG 3rd Sequence: 250%x4 ATK of Lightning DMG 4th Sequence: 250%x7 ATK of Lightning DMG. Each sequence costs 100 KE. While unleashing blade waves, hold the weapon skill button to cast Finisher dealing 600% ATK of Lightning DMG.

Thundering Stance

Every blade wave restores 1.5 SP and every sequence makes Finisher deal 40.0% ATK of Lightning DMG. 24 stacks max.

Spring Rumbles

With marks present, Valkyrie deals 20.0% bonus Total DMG.

Swift Shadow

Evade enemy attacks up to twice in a row. Evasion Skill: Induce 3s of Global Time Fracture and mark the target. Evasion Follow-Up: With marks present, hold [ATK] after evasion to perform follow-up attacks, blinking to the target, dealing 300% ATK of Lightning ATK, and consuming all marks. CD: 15s.

Fleeting Flare

Ultimate Evasion ATKs deal 15.0% bonus Lightning DMG.

Cloud Shadow

Ultimate Evasion follow-up ATKs restore 150.0 HP. CD: 6s.

Combo: Stellar Restoration

Special Attack
Hold [ATK] to heavy ATK. Strike enemies dealing 375% ATK of Lightning DMG and mark enemies hit.

Under the Big Dipper

Valkyrie deals 20.0% bonus Lightning DMG to paralyzed enemies. Combo ATKs deal 20.0% bonus Total DMG.

Racing Stars

Combo ATKs restore 60.0 bonus KE.

Starward Sword

Shift across the battlefield and leap into the air to deal DMG in a large area. Tap [ULT] to shift across the battlefield and leap into the air to deal 2000% ATK of Lightning DMG in a large area and make enemies take 25% bonus Lightning DMG for 12s. SP Cost: 80. CD: 18s.

Heavenly Pass

Ultimate deals 30.0% bonus Total DMG.

Celestial Shift

Ultimate marks enemies hit and make them take 800.0% ATK of bonus Lightning DMG on hit for 5s. 20 instances max.

Yunlai Swordsmanship

Basic Skill
Sword attacks. 1st Sequence: 100% ATK of Physical DMG + 100% ATK of Lightning DMG 2nd Sequence: 80% ATK of Physical DMG + 100% ATK of Lightning DMG 3rd Sequence: 160% ATK of Physical DMG + 200% ATK of Lightning DMG 4th Sequence: 250% ATK of Physical DMG + 500% ATK of Lightning DMG 5th Sequence: 280% ATK of Physical DMG + 400% ATK of Lightning DMG

Jade Carver

Basic ATKs deal 25.0% bonus Total DMG.

Jade Bearer

With marks present, every sequence of Basic ATK restores 20.0 bonus KE.