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Lightning DMG
Fast ATK
Time Mastery


Evernight Suite

Leader Skill
Leader Bonus: Ranged attackers on the team deal 15.0% bonus Total DMG; team deals 28.0% bonus Elemental DMG.

Evernight Suite

Team deals 15.0% bonus Total DMG through ranged ATKs and deals 28.0% bonus Elemental DMG.

Shrieking Shaft

Passive bonuses apply automatically. Balanced archer with up to 2 shooting chances (one is restored every 10s if less than 2). Corrected modifier of non-aimed shooting: 100%. Corrected modifier of aimed shooting: 100%.

Domain of Isolation

When enhanced, Valkyrie has 30.0% Total DMG Reduction and higher Ignore Interrupt during Basic ATKs.

Causality Perceived

Active skills of bow weapons deal 80.0% bonus Total DMG when hitting an enemy weakspot.

Entwined Arrowhead

The moment when the active skill of a bow weapon hits an enemy, tapping [ATK] triggers QTE.

Shadow Step

Evade enemy attacks up to twice in a row. Ultimate Evasions deal 50%x5 ATK of Lightning DMG and trigger 3s of Time Fracture. CD: 18s. While Oz is present, hold [ATK] right after an evasion to perform Charged ATK.

Noble Manners

Shortens CD of Ultimate Evasion by 4.0s.

Shadow Chaser

Each hit of lightning strike from Ultimate Evasion Skill deals 40.0% ATK of bonus Lightning DMG.

Charged ATK: Nightrider

Special Attack
Hold [ATK] to summon Oz to aid in battle and enhance Fischl's Basic ATK while it's present. Hold [ATK] to summon Oz (summoned entity) lasting 12s. Oz is a melee attacker and deals 40%x12 ATK of Lightning DMG. While it's present, Fischl's Basic ATKs become enhanced and her attack speed increases. Hold [ATK] while Oz is present to launch Charged ATK dealing 300% ATK of Lightning DMG.

Raven Roam

Oz lasts 30.0s.

Sanctifying Choir

Every Basic ATK from Oz restores 2.2 SP for Fischl.

Midnight Phantasmagoria

Command Oz to launch a rain of arrows Command Oz to soar up and rain down a shower of arrows, dealing 20%x50 ATK of Lightning DMG before Oz dives down to create a massive explosion dealing 1000% ATK of Lightning DMG. Oz will remain on the field after Ultimate to attack enemies. If Oz is already present when casting Ultimate, its duration will be reset. Activation Cost: 100 SP. CD: 20s.

Formation Breaker

Casting Ultimate boosts team Lightning DMG by 55.0% and Oz's Lightning DMG by 125.0% for 18.0s.

Sublime Dream

For 15.0s after casting Ultimate, Oz's Basic/Special ATKs restore 3.5/4.5 SP for Fischl.

Bolts of Downfall

Basic Skill
Bow attacks which inflict minor Paralyze Trauma. Basic ATK: 1st Sequence: 25% ATK of Lightning DMG 2nd Sequence: 40% ATK of Lightning DMG 3rd Sequence: 80% ATK of Lightning DMG 4th Sequence: 60% ATK of Lightning DMG. 5th Sequence: 180% ATK of Lightning DMG. Enhanced ATK: 1st Sequence: 25%x3 ATK of Lightning DMG 2nd Sequence: 40%x3 ATK of Lightning DMG 3rd Sequence: 80%x3 ATK of Lightning DMG 4th Sequence: 60%x3 ATK of Lightning DMG. 5th Sequence: The central arrow deals 360% ATK of Lightning DMG and the 4 other arrows deal 60%x4 ATK of Lightning DMG.

String of Conviction

For 12s after entry, Basic ATKs deal 30.0% bonus Total DMG.

QTE: Thundering Execution

Triggered when an enemy is Time-Slowed to deal 5x180% ATK of Lightning DMG, inflict 40.0% Lightning Vulnerability on enemies hit for 15.0s, induce 3s of Global Time Fracture, and restore 16.0 bonus SP. Global Time Fracture and bonus SP regen from QTE have a 12s CD.

Stellar Predator

SP Skill
Empowers Oz. On hit, Combo/Charged ATKs from any team member summon Oz for a special ATK. It dives towards enemies, deals 80%x12 ATK of Lightning DMG, and restores 3 SP for Fischl. CD: 4s.

Blazing Ravenfeather

Oz's Special ATKs deal 70.0% bonus Total DMG and instantly reset the duration of Lightning Vulnerability inflicted by QTE.

Strings of Fate

Hitting an enemy with the active skill of a bow weapon triggers Oz's Special ATK and boosts Ultimate's Total DMG by 50.0% for 12.0s.

Melody of Nightfall

For 18.0s after casting Ultimate, Oz's Basic/Special ATKs restore 2.0/3.0 SP for Fischl.