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Elysian Realm
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Midnight Absinthe

Fire DMG
Time Mastery


Midnight Gathering

Leader Skill
Leader Bonus: Boosts team's Ultimate Fire DMG by 15.0% as well as increasing the team's Max HP by 15.0%.

Midnight Gathering

Team's Ultimate Fire DMG increased by 15.0%. Team's Max HP increased by 15.0%.

Ominous Wings

Passive bonuses apply automatically. Balanced bow wielder who has up to 2 shooting chances. One is restored every 10s if less than 2 remain. Corrected modifier of normal shooting: 100% Corrected modifier of aimed shooting: 100% When she picks up Feather Arrows/Feather Blades/Feathers on the battlefield, gain [Night Roamer] stacks (up to 20). Lasts for 10s. Repeatedly gaining stacks extends and refreshes the duration. 10 stack bonus: Deal 10% bonus Fire DMG. 15 stack bonus: Deal 15% bonus Fire DMG. 20 stack bonus: Deal 20% bonus Fire DMG.

Red Sunrise

When Weapon Skill hits the weakspot on IMG-type enemy [Nihilus Seed], its current phase will be insta-killed if it has less than 20% HP.

Sea Breeze

When teammates hit enemies with Charged/Combo/Ultimate ATKs while Valkyrie is on standby, team's Fire DMG is increased by 30.0%. Lasts for 5.0s. Generates 3 Feathers that can be collected. CD: 2s.


Total DMG dealt by Ultimate and Weapon Skills boosted by 30.0%. Hitting an enemy weakspot with an arrow drops 6 Feathers that can be collected.

Enchanting Requiem

Evade enemy attacks up to twice in a row. Ultimate Evasion: Trigger Global Time Fracture for 3s. CD: 15s. Tap [ATK] immediately after Ultimate Evasion to connect to Basic ATK's 3rd Sequence.

London Fog

A [Bounty Coin] will drop when an enemy is killed. Picking it up restores 50.0 HP to the Valkyrie (only effective for Midnight Absinthe).


CD of Ultimate Evasion skill is 4.0s shorter.

Golden Dream

When Ultimate Evasion Skill is triggered, deals 50.0% ATK of Fire DMG to surrounding enemies and boosts Move Speed by 15.0%. Lasts for 3s.

Charged: Heartpiercer

Special Attack
Hold [ATK] to release Charged ATK Hold [ATK]: Triggers Charged ATK Shoots 6 Feather Blades in all directions, each dealing 20% ATK of Fire DMG. Then deals 250% ATK of Fire DMG to surrounding enemies, and temporarily pulls in enemies in front of her. Also gathers all Feather Arrows/Feather Blades/Feathers on the battlefield and earns a corresponding number of [Night Roamer] Enhancement stacks. Tap [ATK] immediately after using Charged ATK to connect to Basic ATK's 5th sequence.

Bird of Prey

When performing Charged ATK, take 40.0% less Total DMG.


On hit, Charged ATKs boost Total DMG by 40.0% for 10s. Can be refreshed repeatedly.


When charge recovery hits enemies, if 15 or more Feather Arrows/Feather Blades/Feathers are recovered, restores 12.0 SP. CD: 2s.

Nightbird's Call

Fire a powerful shot at enemies after unleashing a multi-sequence ATK. Midnight Absinthe hides in the flock of crows, and quickly launches an assault that deals 6 x 150% ATK of Fire DMG to enemies. Then shoots an arrow at the ground that deals 300% ATK of Fire DMG to the target and then explodes dealing 700% ATK of Fire DMG to surrounding enemies. Clears all [Night Roamer] stacks, and simultaneously creates a cloud of smoke over the battlefield that lasts for 18s. When enemies in the smoke take DMG from her teammates' ATKs or her own Weapon Skills, an explosion that deals 600% ATK of Fire DMG will be triggered with a 1s delay. This DMG counts as Midnight Absinthe's Ultimate DMG. CD: 4s. Activation cost: 100 SP. CD: 20s.


Enemies affected by the smoke take 35.0% more Fire DMG. Lasts for 18s.

Midnight Kiss

When enemies in the smoke are hit by Combo/Charged/Ultimate ATKs, a fire is sparked that deals 40.0% ATK of Fire DMG per second for 5 seconds. Triggering it again resets the duration.

Last Word

Ultimate boosts team Fire DMG by 30.0% for 18s.

Silenced Flechette

Basic Skill
Use a bow to shoot enemies. SEQ 1: 3 Feather Arrows, each dealing 20% ATK of Fire DMG. SEQ 2: 2 hits, dealing 50% + 70% ATK of Fire DMG. SEQ 3: 3 hits, dealing 40% + 40% + 200% ATK of Fire DMG. SEQ 4: 4 Feather Arrows, each dealing 70% ATK of Fire DMG. SEQ 5: 5 Feather Arrows, each dealing 50% ATK of Fire DMG and inflicting minor Ignite Trauma. Feather Arrows shot from the bow will remain on the field. Only 20 Feather Arrows/Feather Blades/Feathers can remain on the field at once.

Angel Face

When Feather Arrows/Feather Blades/Feathers are present, team deals 25.0% bonus Fire DMG.

Pink Lady

When [Night Roamer] is active, Total DMG taken is reduced by 30%. When there are full stacks of [Night Roamer], Total DMG taken is further reduced by 30%, and Fire DMG dealt is increased by 15.0%. 2 additional ATKs can be dealt after Basic ATK's 5th sequence.

QTE: Black Tulip

QTE is triggered when Enemies are Time Slowed. Deals 800.0% ATK of Fire DMG. QTE leaves 6 Feather Blades on the field.