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Elysian Realm
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Sweet 'n' Spicy

ν›„μ„œ 캐둀
Physical DMG
Time Mastery
Heavy ATK


Star of Hope

Leader Skill
Leader Bonus: Charged ATKs deal 18.0% bonus Total DMG. Team's melee Physical DMG increase by 15.0%.

Star of the Team

Charged ATK deals 18.0% bonus Total DMG. Team deals 15.0% bonus melee Physical DMG.

Amazing Carole

Passive bonuses apply automatically. At 3 stacks of Armor Shredder, the next Charged ATK consumes all stacks and induces Amazing Carole state for 15s. Triggering it again resets the duration. When Sweet 'n' Spicy is switched out in Amazing Carole state, the switched-in teammate obtains the same enhancements.

Amazing Mode

In Amazing Carole state, Valkyrie takes 30.0% less Total DMG and has 50.0% bonus shield breaking capacity. Additionally, Sweet 'n' Spicy's shield breaking capacity increases by 200.0%.

Arahato Mobility

Quickly dodge enemy attacks. Can be connected into Thrust Punch dealing 75%x2 ATK of Physical DMG, and further connected into the Basic ATK SEQ 3. Ultimate Evasions trigger Ultimate Evasion Skill: Thrust Punch EX, which triggers 3s of Global Time Fracture and can be connected into Ultimate Evasion ATK to deal 150%x2 ATK of Physical DMG. Up to 2 evasions in a row on the ground. CD: 15s. Only 1 evasion allowed in mid-air but it resets aerial Charged ATK.

Stroll Mode

Thrust Punch EX's CD is reduced by 2.5s.

Dessert Time

The 2nd hit of Thrust Punch EX grants 1 stack of Armor Shredder and restores 350.0 HP on hit.

Charged ATK: Kissy Pillow Serious Punch

Special Attack
Charge for varying durations to perform different attacks. Hold [ATK] to charge, during which Valkyrie takes 80% less Total DMG and has Iron Body. Short charge and long charge result in different attacks. Charged ATK I: 300% ATK of Physical DMG. Charged ATK II: 450% ATK of Physical DMG. Charged ATK III: 700% ATK of Physical DMG. When casting Charged ATK in mid-air, enemies nearby are gathered and take 20% ATK of Physical DMG during charging. Aerial Charged ATK I: 225% ATK of Physical DMG. Aerial Charged ATK II: 700% ATK of Physical DMG.

The Harder the Better

Charged ATK deals 60.0% bonus Physical DMG to shielded enemies and 50.0% bonus Total DMG to PSY enemies.

Nap Time

Charged ATK III inflicts 12 Stun Trauma (CD: 12.0s). If enemies hit lose their shields within 10s after, they are rendered Shattered Armor for 5.0s, during which their shields cannot recover.

Kissy Pillow β˜† Burst

Bash enemies twice and leap up to deal AoE DMG. Hold down ULT to use Ultimate, triggering a Global Time Fracture for 5 seconds. During that time, bash enemies twice dealing 1200% ATK of Physical DMG and leap up to slam the ground dealing 1000% ATK of Physical DMG in a large area and knocking enemies airborne. Can be cast in mid-air. SP cost: 50. CD: 20s.

Serious Mode

Ultimate deals 50.0% bonus Total DMG.

Mood Maker

Ultimate boosts team Physical DMG by 20.0% and team Total DMG by 15.0% for 20s. If Ultimate hits an enemy whose shield is broken, team deals 30.0% bonus Physical DMG.

Kissy Pillow Strikes

Basic Skill
Fist attacks. SEQ 3 grants 1 stack of Armor Shredder (3 stacks max). 3-hit ground Basic ATK: 150%+150%+250% ATK of Physical DMG. Upward Thrust: 250%+75%x3 ATK of Physical DMG. Downward slam: 150%+200%x2 ATK of Physical DMG.

Leave the Tough Nuts to Me

For every stack of Armor Shredder, Sweet 'n' Spicy's Charged ATK deals 65.0% bonus Total DMG and her shield breaking capacity improves by 80.0%.

QTE: Kissy Pillow Consecutive Punches

QTE: Triggered by impaired enemies to induce 2s of Global Time Fracture, strike enemies (twice by default and can be increased to up to 5 times by spamming [ATK]), deal 150%x4xhits+800% ATK of Physical DMG, and grant 3 Armor Shredder stacks. Every hit boosts shield breaking capacity by 10.0% for 10s (20 stacks max). QTE entry reduces the CD of the next switch by 4.0s and restores 10.0 SP.

Sweet Kohai

SP Skill
Teammates can be switched in during Ultimate. If a teammate is switched in during Sweet 'n' Spicy's Ultimate, she will stay on the field until she finishes her Ultimate.

My Hands Are Burning

When charging, Crit DMG and Crit Rate increase by 70.0% and 22.0% per second for 10s respectively. 2 stacks max. Triggering it again resets the duration.

Fully Charged

Max Charged ATK restores 10.0 SP on hit.

Venting Time

On hit, max Charged ATK boosts Ultimate Physical DMG by 60.0% for 10s. Triggering it again resets the duration.