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Reverist Calico

Time Mastery


Life Is but a Reverie

Leader Skill
Leader Bonus: Team restores SP 25.0% faster and deals 35.0% bonus Total DMG to frozen enemies.

Life Is but a Reverie

Team restores SP 25.0% faster and deal 35.0% bonus Total DMG to frozen enemies.


Passive bonuses apply automatically. The kitten Can helps Reverist Calico in battle. It shows two different Moods, Angry and Well-behaved, and the Mood type decides Can's attack pattern. Both types of Mood cap at 100. Basic ATK SEQ 1 to 4 restore 20 current Mood on hit, and SEQ 5 restores 100. Entering the field resets Mood to Angry. When wielding a Chakram, Reverist Calico uses it as dual blades and obtains weapon skill Paw Barrage, which makes her charge forward and strike enemies repeatedly dealing 125%+150%x2 ATK of Ice DMG and switching Mood. The skill has up to 2 charges and 6s CD.


Runaway restores full weapon active charges.

Subzero Sales

Team deals 25.0% bonus Total DMG to frozen enemies.

Start-Up Fund

Reverist Calico has 40.0 bonus initial SP. Can only be triggered once every 10 minutes in Open World.

Gonna Bounce

Dash quickly to evade enemy attacks. Can be performed twice in a row. Ultimate Evasion triggers 3s of Global Time Fracture. CD: 15s.

Cat Walk

Ultimate Evasions fully restore current Mood.

Combo: All Paws on Deck

Special Attack
Command Can to assist in battle. Two Combo ATK variations based on Can's two Moods. Hold [ATK] with full Mood to consume all of it and perform Combo ATK of the matching Mood. Consume full Angry Mood to cast Double Scratch and deal 500% ATK of Ice DMG. Consume full Well-behaved Mood to cast Frozen Can, gather enemies, and deal 300% ATK of Ice DMG.


QTE entry fully restores both types of Mood.

Plan B

Double Scratch and Megaton Furball boost Reverist Calico's Total DMG by 30.0% for 15s (can be refreshed). Frozen Can and Megaton Furball make enemies hit take 30.0% bonus Total DMG by 15s (can be refreshed).

Muddy the Waters

Double Scratch restores 3.0 SP for the team.

Megaton Furball

A giant Can falls from the sky and crushes enemies. Reverist Calico hurls the Chakram high up and Can jumps through it, grows into a giant cat, and crashes into enemies, dealing literally tons of DMG. Tap [ULT] to deal 2000% ATK of Ice DMG, inflict 18 Rime Trauma, fully restore two types of Mood, and activate 10s of Runaway. In Runaway, two types of Combo ATK deal 50% bonus Ice DMG and switching Mood fully restores the current Mood. Exiting ends Runaway. SP cost: 125. CD: 20s.

Ain't Got All Day!

In Runaway, Reverist Calico deals 40.0% bonus Ice DMG.

Ready to Run!

Ultimate restores 2.5 SP per second for the team for 10s.

Go Pound'em!

When hitting a Nihilus Seed, Ultimate instantly depletes its current-phase HP if it's below 20%.

Gotta Pounce

Basic Skill
Wield the Chakram as dual blades to slash enemies. SEQ 1: 100% ATK of Ice DMG. SEQ 2: 100% ATK of Ice DMG. SEQ 3: Triple strikes dealing 50%+70%x2 ATK of Ice DMG. SEQ 4: Summon cat paws dealing 120% ATK of Ice DMG. SEQ 5: Swing cat paws dealing 50%x2+200% ATK of Ice DMG.

QTE: Here Comes the Kitty

QTE: Triggered when an enemy is Time-Slowed or frozen to deal 8 x 200.0% ATK of Ice DMG and reduce switch CD by 4s.

Kitty's Predation!

After using Combo ATK twice, tap [Weapon] to perform Special ATK Predation, dealing 80.0% x 13 ATK of Ice DMG and inflicting 12 Rime Trauma. It is registered as both QTE and weapon active. It triggers weapon skill and can be connected into Basic ATK SEQ 4. Exiting resets the count.

Survival of the Weak

SP Skill
After Reverist Calico exits, Can stays on the field to help other Valkyries. After Reverist Calico exits, Can appears on the field periodically to dig treasures and then throw Boom-Meow at enemies 3 times within 9s, each time dealing 900% ATK of Ice DMG and restoring 4 SP. The 3rd Boom-Meow inflicts 10 Rime Trauma.

We're a Team

Double Scratch additionally restores 40 Well-behaved Mood. Frozen Can additionally restores 40 Angry Mood. Combo ATK deals 30.0% bonus Ice DMG.

Scout Beforehand

Weapon actives have one more charge. When Reverist Calico exits in Runaway, Boom-Meow deals 500.0% bonus Ice DMG.


Attacks aided by Can (including QTE, QTE ATK, Ultimate, and Exit ATK) boost team Total DMG by 5.0% for 16s. 3 stacks max. Can be refreshed.