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Valkyrie Chariot

Physical DMG
Time Mastery


Reactive Armor

Leader Skill
Leader Bonus: Reactive Armor: Team takes 28% less Ranged Physical DMG.

Reactive Armor

Team receives 28% less Ranged Physical DMG.


Passive bonuses apply automatically.

Zero-G Barrier

Attacks against stunned and paralyzed enemies deal 110.0% more Physical DMG.

Particle Fusion

Uncharged and Charged Basic ATKs of cannon-type weapons deal 100.0% more Crit DMG.

Dimension Shift

Enters temporary Dimension Shift to evade enemy attacks. Can be performed twice in a row. Time Fracture: Triggers upon an Ultimate Evasion and slows all enemies for 5s. CD: 15s.

Time Lock

Accelerates charging speed by 100% during Time Fracture.

Quantum Lock

During Time Fracture and 1s afterwards, all cannon shells and missiles hitting the enemy deals 25.0% more Physical DMG.

Particle Rebuild

Shortens CD of Time Fracture by 8.0s.

Switch: Gravity Shatter

Special Attack
Switch entry immediately unleashes a ground breaking attack. Ground Smasher: 150% ATK of Physical DMG.

Aerial Smasher

Gravity Shatter additionally deals 300% ATK of Physical DMG against enemies knocked airborne.

QTE: Super Gravity

QTE: Triggers when an enemy is stunned, dealing 100% ATK of Physical DMG + 4158.0 Physical DMG. Knocks enemies airborne and casts Time Lock for 3s.

Grav Singularity

Summons a powerful black hole that pulls in nearby enemies. Black Hole: Lasts for 10s, during which the summoner is invincible. Gravitational Collapse: Affected enemies significantly lose Ignore Interrupt and deal 50% less Total DMG. SP Cost: 50 After unleashing the Ultimate, character switch is allowed, but Valkyrie Chariot will stay on the battlefield during her Ultimate.

Particle Beam

Enemies pulled by Grav Singularity receive 1.5 Bleed Trauma every second.

Particle Fusion

Grav Singularity ends with an explosion that has a 100.0% chance to inflict 6 Stun Trauma.

Gravity Wrench

Gain 30% Ranged Physical DMG against enemies pulled in by Grav Singularity.

Charge: Particle Cannon

Basic Skill
Charged cannon fire that deals greater DMG with higher charge sequence. Arm Switch: Charging mode changes with type of weapon equipped.

Atomic Radiation

Uncharged attacks inflict 2.0 Ignite Trauma on the target and nearby enemies.

Chain Reaction

Basic ATKs and Charged ATKs gain 25.0% to Total DMG Multiplier against ignited enemies.

Reactive Charge

When charging, Valkyrie has a barrier that blocks the next incoming attack and interrupts weak enemies. CD: 6.0s. 80.0% of incoming damage can be blocked.