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Elysian Realm
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Snowy Sniper

Physical DMG


Manchine Integration

Leader Skill
Leader Bonus: Manchine Integration: All team members' skill CD of Ultimate Evasion or Perfect Defense shortens by 4.5s.

Manchine Integration

Shortens the CDs of primary effects triggered by Ultimate Evasions and Perfect Defense by 4.5s for the team.


Passive bonuses apply automatically.

Line of Fire

Deal 40.0% more DMG against shields.

Zone Lockdown

When attacked, there is a 40.0% chance to inflict lock the attacker, making it take 30.0% more Physical DMG for 6.0s.

Particle Accelerator

Increases Crit DMG against enemies at least 5 meters away by 25.0%.

Dimension Shift

Temporarily enters another dimension to evade attacks. Frost Center: Deals 60% ATK of Ice DMG to the attacker. Ultimate Evasion: Inflicts 6 Rime Trauma on the attacker, and slows its and nearby enemies' Move Speed and ATK Speed by 50% for 7s.

Deep Snow

Extends the duration of Ultimate Evasion Move Slow effect to 10.0s, and buffs the effect to 80% Move Slow.

Particle Rebuild

Shortens CD of Ultimate Evasion by 3.0s.

Frozen Field

Enemies affected by Move Slow effect of Ultimate Evasion suffers 60% reduced Attack Speed.

Switch: Ice Phantom

Special Attack
Switch entry triggers Dimension Shift upon entering the battle. Instant Evasion: Triggers Dimension Shift effects.

Emergency Evasion

Upon entry or evasion, gain 30.0% Move Speed for 8.0s.

QTE: Frost Nova

QTE: Triggered when an enemy is knocked airborne to deal 520% ATK of Physical DMG and inflict 5 Rime Trauma in a large area.


Summons arctic snow that freezes all enemies. Land of Frost: Inflicts 18 Rime Trauma on all enemies. Frigid Blast: When the freezing ends, deals 150% ATK of Ice DMG. SP Cost: 75

Polar Ice

Casting Ultimate boosts Valkyrie Total DMG by 40.0% and charging speed by 60.0% for 12s.

Sniper's Mark

Enemies affected by Land of Frost are locked for 12s and take 35.0% bonus Physical DMG. Team deals 15.0% bonus Physical DMG to locked enemies.

Charge: Particle Cannon

Basic Skill
Charged cannon fire that deals greater DMG with higher charge sequence. Arm Switch: Charging mode changes with type of weapon equipped.

Perfect Charge

Releasing the [ATK] button upon entering the next charge sequence increases Crit Rate of this attack by 30.0%.

Reactive Charge

Force evasion when attacked during charging. Can be triggered once every 4.0s. Effect does not interrupt charging.

Ultra Charge

Releasing the [ATK] button upon entering the 3rd charge sequence increases the Crit DMG of this attack by 25%.