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Abyss Lab

Honkai 3rd

Elysian Realm
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Dimension Breaker

Physical DMG
Time Mastery


Metal Gear

Leader Skill
Leader Bonus: Metal Gear: Increases attack SP recovery by 29% for the team. Teams with 3 MECH-type characters gain 26% Total DMG Multiplier.

Metal Gear

Accelerates Attack SP Recovery of team by 29%. Teams with 3 MECH-type characters gain 26% Total DMG Multiplier.


Increases own Crit DMG by 30.0% when Kiana and Mei are on the team.


Passive bonuses apply automatically. Planes Walker: Becomes a Planes Walker after moving for 2s and significantly gains Move Speed.

Dark Matter Furnace

When on standby, the Valkyrie restores 2 SP every 5.0s.

Dimension Reduction

Raise the shield to defend frontal attacks. Counterstrike: Release the Defense button at the moment of the attack to perform. Perfect Defense: Counterstrike knocks enemies nearby airborne, Time-Locks them for 5s, inflicts 5 Paralyze Trauma, and increases the Valkyrie's ATK Speed by 30% for 3s. Perfect Defense base CD: 15s.

Reflexive Guard

Frontal defense deals 50.0% ATK of Physical DMG against the attacker. Can be triggered once every 0.5s. Gains 30.0% Crit Rate for 6.0s during Ultimate Defense.

Absorptive Armor

When attacked, spend 3 SP to trigger Project Bunny Block, preventing interruption and gaining 20% Total DMG Reduction. Effect does not trigger at 0 SP.

Mech Propulsion

Gain 150% Move Speed when defending with a shield.

Switch: Dimension Pull

Special Attack
Switch skill immediately knocks target and all enemies in a small surrounding area airborne and inflicts Time Lock. Dimension Razor: 100% ATK of Physical DMG and inflicts Time Lock for 4s.

Spacetime Cutter

Hitting a Time-Slowed enemy increases Physical DMG and Elemental DMG by 80.0% for 6s (triggering it again resets the duration). Enemies Time-Locked by Dimension Pull receive 3 Bleed Trauma.

Dimension Edge

Extends the range of Dimension Pull by 3.0 times and its duration by 3.0s.

QTE: Complex Infinity

QTE: Triggers when an enemy is paralyzed, dealing 10x70.0% ATK of Fire DMG against enemies within a large AOE. Knocks affected enemies airborne and inflicts Time Lock on them.

Project Bunny

Project Bunny activates autonomous attack protocols. Mech Frenzy: Consumes 100 SP to enter a 10s Burst mode, during which Project Bunny (summoned entity) is invincible and draws enemies towards it. Surplus Energy: Turns own attacks into laser attacks. Heat Reset: Heat meters of laser-type weapons will be reset upon burst mode activation.

S2 Cell

Extends the duration of Project Bunny's detachment to 16.0s.

Self Destruct

Project Bunny explodes at the end of the duration, dealing 600% ATK of AOE Physical DMG.

Anti-Matter Core

When Project Bunny is unleashed, character laser attacks gain 20% Physical and Elemental DMG. For every point of SP above 110, further increase the DMG bonus by 0.6%. Max stacks: 200.

Charge: Particle Cannon

Basic Skill
Charged Cannon ATK. Deals greater DMG at higher charge sequence. Arm Switch: Changes the way of charging based on the weapon equipped. Perfect Cooling: A CD circle will appear when laser weapons overheat. Tap [ATK] right before the circle shrinks to its smallest size to instantly reset the CD and greatly accelerate ATK Speed for a short duration. Within a short duration after activating Perfect Cooling, hitting a target with a laser will inflict a 4s Time Slow on the target and nearby enemies.

Dimension Ignite

Each laser beam attack of Basic ATK and Ultimate additionally deals 30% ATK of Fire DMG. Rapid-fire weapon attacks at the 3rd charge sequence deal double bonus Fire DMG.

Energy Absorb

Reduces overheat time for rapid-fire weapons by 40.0%.