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Abyss Lab

Honkai 3rd

Elysian Realm
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Wolf's Dawn

Physical DMG
Time Mastery


Harmonic Resonance

Leader Skill
Leader Bonus: Harmonic Resonance: When Combo Hit Count exceeds 30, team gains 26% Crit Rate. PSY-type characters gain 29% Crit DMG.

Harmonic Resonance

When Combo Hit Count exceeds 30, team gains 26% Crit Rate. PSY-type characters gain 29% Crit DMG.


Passive bonuses apply automatically. Project Bunny will be paralyzed once its HP is depleted. Project Bunny restores 5% HP per second. If the Valkyrie goes near Project Bunny to help, it additionally restores 30% HP per second. Project Bunny revives when its HP is fully restored. Project Bunny: Knocks surrounding enemies into the air upon revival. When Wolf's Dawn is nearby, Project Bunny gains 60% Physical DMG for 10s.

Bio Ward

All team members have a particle shield that absorbs Elemental DMG. The shield has 1000 HP which is fully restored if not attacked for 6.0s.

Quantum Survival

With the particle shield on, Valkyrie has a 45.0% chance to be debuff-immune. Project Bunny has bonus DEF equal to 100% of Valkyrie's DEF.

Prismatic Refraction

With the particle shield on, Valkyrie deals 30.0% bonus Elemental DMG. Project Bunny has bonus ATK equal to 5% of Valkyrie's ATK.

Simulated Flicker

Enters temporary Dimension Shift to evade enemy attacks. Simulated Flicker: Summons Project Bunny to attack enemies upon an Ultimate Evasion, dealing 350% Project Bunny's ATK of Physical DMG and triggering Time Fracture for 3s on hit. CD: 15s. When Project Bunny is paralyzed, Ultimate Evasion will heal it for 50% HP.

Tactical MOD

When Simulated Flicker is triggered, Project Bunny recovers 25.0% HP and gains 30.0% Physical DMG for 10s.

Counter Protocols

Shortens CD of Simulated Flicker by 4.00s.

Field Supplies

Ultimate Evasions recover 5.0 SP for the whole team.

Switch: Burst Assault

Special Attack
Immediately unleashes Shield Charge upon entry. Shield Charge: 250% ATK of Physical DMG. Project Bunny (summoned entity) enters battle. Project Bunny stats: 40% ATK, 100% DEF and 400% HP of the Valkyrie; 50% Elemental DMG resistance; and immunity to most crowd controls. The Valkyrie loses 20% ATK during Project Bunny's presence.

Burst Assault

Shield Charge additionally deals 170% ATK of Physical DMG. Project Bunny: Gains ATK equal to 20.0% of the Valkyrie's ATK.

QTE: Dilated Momentum

QTE: Triggered when an enemy is Time-Slowed to unleash coordinated strikes. Project Bunny: Burst Assault. Valkyrie: Deals 750% ATK of Physical DMG and inflicts 6 Stun Trauma.

Remote Control

Project Bunny stays in battle for 12.0s after the Valkyrie exits.


Activate powerful resonance with Project Bunny to unleash its devastating attacks. Resonance: Project Bunny smashes the ground 3 times to damage enemies nearby, inflict 6 Stun Trauma on them, and Time-Locks weakened enemies for 5s. 1st hit: 275% Project Bunny's ATK of Physical DMG. 2nd hit: 425% Project Bunny's ATK of Physical DMG. 3rd hit: 575% Project Bunny's ATK of Physical DMG. SP cost: 55.

Gravity Traction

Upon slamming the ground, pulls enemies surrounding Project Bunny towards it and deals an additional 400.0% ATK of Physical DMG.

Synchronized Frenzy

Upon Ultimate activation, Project Bunny recovers 60.0% HP. The Valkyrie and Project Bunny both gain 30.0% Physical DMG for 10.0s.

EM Counter

Each ground slam additionally deals 8000 fixed DMG against enemy shields. During Ultimate, Project Bunny deals 100.0% more DMG against shields, and 180.0% more Physical DMG against weakened enemies.

Charge: Particle Cannon

Basic Skill
Charged ATK using a cannon. Higher charge sequence deals more DMG. Arm Switch: Changes the way of charging based on the weapon equipped. Uncharged attacks order Project Bunny to unleash special attacks on the target.

Crippling Blast

Uncharged attack weakens the target and other enemies nearby, reducing their ATK by 50.0% for 6.0s.

Precise Targeting

Project Bunny deals an additional 60.0% Physical DMG to weakened enemies.