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Abyss Lab

Honkai 3rd

Elysian Realm
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Black Nucleus

Physical DMG


Complex Operations

Leader Skill
Leader Bonus: Complex Operations: Shortens CDs of main effects triggered by whole team's Ultimate Evasions and Perfect Defense by 4.5s.

Complex Operations

Shortens the CDs of primary effects triggered by Ultimate Evasions and Perfect Defense by 4.5s for the team.


Passive bonuses apply automatically.

Field Breach

Gain 39.0% Total DMG Multiplier when attacking an enemy from the side or from behind.

Target Locked

When attacked or when triggering Ultimate Evasion, 40.0% chance to apply Locked Mode onto the attacker, making it take 25.0% more Physical DMG for 4.5s.

Thermal Activation

The Valkyrie gains 30% Crit DMG. Each Crit hit additionally deals 30.0% ATK of Fire DMG.

Dimensional Interruption

Dodges sideways to evade enemy attacks and becomes invisible. Dimensional Interruption: Enters 6s invisibility upon Ultimate Evasion. CD: 20s. Invisibility: Cannot be targeted by enemies; ignore all DMG taken when attacked; gain immunity against common debuffs; and greatly increased Move Speed and Attack Speed. Invisibility ends when tapping the [ATK] button, using weapon skills or Ultimates, or switching characters.

Time Bomb

Ultimate Evasion drops 8 bomblets at the enemy's location that explode after a short delay, dealing 80% ATK of Physical DMG.

Particle Reset

Shortens CD of Dimensional Interruption by 4.0s.

Stealth Assassination

When invisible, character attacks gain 35.0% Physical DMG. Lasts until 2.80s after invisibility ends.

Switch: Mecha Smash

Special Attack
Switch skill unleashes a slam attack with robot arms. Slams enemies with robot arms, dealing 175% ATK of Physical DMG to enemies within the AOE.

Hardened Chassis

Buffs the Switch Skill to deal 175%+175% ATK of Physical DMG.

QTE: Field Suppression

QTE: Triggers when an enemy is knocked airborne or affected by Time Slow. Ground slams enemies within a large AOE, dealing 3x320% ATK of Physical DMG, then gains invisibility for 6s (invisibility is not triggered by normal evasions during QTE).

Suppression Barrage

Unloads the entire arsenal to bombard the designated area. Suppression Barrage: Creates a small immobilizing field surrounding the target and bombards the AOE to deal 20x80% ATK of Physical DMG. SP Cost: 125

Mortar Cannon

Each hit of Bombardment deals 100.0% ATK of bonus Physical DMG and has a 12.0% chance to inflict 5 Ignite Trauma.

Blinding Munitions

Enemies hit by Bombardment will receive 5.0 Stun Trauma 0.5s after the last hit.

Charge: Shrapnel Shell

Basic Skill
Charged cannon fire. Higher charge sequence deals greater DMG. Arm Switch: Charging mode changes with type of equipped weapon. Guidance MOD: Equipping missile-type weapons transforms attacks to scatter shot shells. Each charge sequence increases the number of shells fired by 30%. Every shell deals a small AOE explosion. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd charge sequences deal 50%, 60%, and 80% ATK of Physical DMG, respectively, and increases Interrupt.

Precision Charge

Releasing the [ATK] button at the moment of entering the next charge sequence increases Crit Rate of this attack by 30.0%.

Flash Dodge

Force evasion when attacked during charging. Can be triggered once every 4.0s. Effect does not interrupt charging.

Primed Charge

Releasing the [ATK] button upon entering the 3rd charge sequence increases DMG of this attack by 20.0%, and gain 100.0% Move Speed for the next 3s.