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Herrscher of Reason

Time Mastery


Source Protocol

Leader Skill
Leader Bonus: Source Protocol: Team gains 30.0% to all Elemental DMG. Any Bronya, Seele, or Olenyevas in team also gains 25.0% Total DMG Multiplier.

Source Protocol

Team gains 30.0% to all Elemental DMG. Any Bronya, Seele, or Olenyeva battlesuits in team also gains 25.0% Total DMG Multiplier.

Substantial Analysis

In normal mode, Charged ATK has 10.0% Elemental Breach.

Reason Reconstructed

When exiting in bike mode, Bronya restores 240 Konstruktyom and 10.0 SP.


Passive bonuses apply automatically. Konstruktyom: Caps at 480. Analyzed: Analyzed enemies receive 5 Rime Trauma. Deal 40% bonus Total DMG to Analyzed or Frozen enemies. Exiting ends DEA Raison and reverts USAGI Kinetik to Armored Bunny.

Build Reboot

When USAGI Kinetik reverts to Armored Bunny, the Valkyrie restores 240 Konstruktyom.

2-Pass Coding

Start battle with 360 more Konstruktyom.

Chilling Build

Charged ATKs deal 72.0% more Ice DMG.

Instant Freeze

Quickly evades attacks. Can be performed twice in a row. Gains 120 Konstruktyom upon Ultimate Evasion, and the first attack within the next 1.7s after the Evasion inflicts a 4s Analyzed debuff on the target. Instant Freeze: Ultimate Evasion generates a 3s Time Fracture; CD: 15s.

Freeze Threshold

Reduces Instant Freeze CD by 3.0s. Instant Freeze Time Fracture also inflicts a 6s Analyzed debuff to affected enemies.

QTE: Data Storm

QTE: Triggered when an enemy is paralyzed, Time-Slowed, or frozen to deal 500.0% ATK of Physical DMG + 500.0%+300% ATK of Ice DMG, recover 120 Konstruktyom, and inflict 6s of Analyzed on hit.

Emergency Damper

Triggering Instant Freeze also heals 400 HP. If Instant Freeze is not in CD, Instant Freeze can be manually triggered by evading within a short-time after being attacked.

Charged: Weaponized Build

Special Attack
Perform Charged ATK at max speed during Basic ATK sequence or evasion. Tap and hold [ATK] button to spend 120 Konstruktyom to turn into the DEA Raison Herrscher Form. DEA Raison: Tap [ATK] to unleash Charged ATKs. Armament Build: Charged ATK mode differs according to weapon type equipped, but deals a total of 660% ATK of Ice DMG.

Speed Decypher

DEA Raison active: ATKs gain 65.0% Total DMG Multiplier, and another 40% Total DMG Multiplier to PSY-type enemies.


DEA Raison active: Gains 50.0% Total DMG Reduction.

Stream Transfer

DEA Raison active: When not riding, each Charged ATK performed gives 5.0 SP and a 15.0% Ice DMG buff. Max DMG buff stacks: 3.


Burst transform of Project Bunny. Gains 480 Konstruktyom and deals 5x450% + 800% ATK of Ice DMG, then ride USAGI Kinetik as DEA Raison. Max duration: 17s. USAGI Kinetik: Gains 40 Konstruktyom per second and immunity to death for the duration. While moving, creates a Hover Gun per 0.6s that deals 4x65% ATK of Ice DMG. Tap [ATK]: Performs Charged ATK (costs 240 Konstruktyom) to deal 2x250% + 2x300% ATK of Ice DMG and inflict a 4s Analyzed debuff. Tap [Evade]: Enemies hit by evasion move take up to 4x10% ATK of Ice DMG and receive a 4s Analyzed debuff. CD: 30s. SP cost: 125


USAGI Kinetik: At below 50% HP, heal 40.0 HP per 0.5s. At below 25%, heal another 60.0 HP per 0.5s.

Fast Decryption

USAGI Kinetik: Charged ATKs gain a 20.0% All Elemental Breach buff.


USAGI Kinetik: Takes 30.0% less Indirect DMG.

Zeroth Drive

Basic Skill
4-sequence attack. 1st sequence: 100% ATK of Physical DMG + 80% ATK of Ice DMG. 2nd sequence: 100% ATK of Physical DMG + 100% ATK of Ice DMG. +25 Konstruktyom. 3rd sequence: 150%+150% ATK of Physical DMG + 2x100% ATK of Ice DMG. +25 Konstruktyom. 4th sequence: Drills deal 8x40%+200% ATK of Ice DMG. +9x25 Konstruktyom. Pulls in nearby enemies.

Cracked Construct

Shockwave after the Drill attack inflicts Analyzed state on enemies hit for 6.00s.

Power Link

If Drill ATK hits, then gain 0.50 SP.

Stop Array

When performing Drill ATK, become immune to front-side and flank ATKs. Back-side ATKs also suffer 30.0% Total DMG Reduction.