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Physical DMG
Time Mastery


Changing Appearances, Unchanging Light

Leader Skill
Leader Bonus: Leader Skill: Team deals 26.0% more Crit DMG. Dreamweaver-summoned entities deal 10.0% more Physical DMG for every Physical DMG dealer on the team.

Voice of Changing Ideas

Team deals 26.0% more Crit DMG. For every Physical DMG dealer on the team, Dreamweaver-summoned entities deal 10.0% more Physical DMG.

Separation of Images

Passive bonuses apply automatically. Dreamweaver's physical body and astral body have different weapon skills. Damage dealt by Dreamweaver-summoned entities is decided by Dreamweaver's stats and benefits from summoned entity buffs. Effects that simultaneously affect her and summoned entities cannot stack. Physical body: Dreamweaver casts Assemblage of Ideas to summon Seeds of Ideas that follow her commands. All Seeds of Ideas count as a single summoned entity. With Seeds of Ideas present, Dreamweaver is in Special state: Cosmic Dominance and takes 50% less Total DMG. Seeds of Ideas leave when Dreamweaver releases Ultimate or is switched out. Assemblage of Ideas: Summons Seeds of Ideas to dive-bomb, dealing 100% x 4 ATK of Physical DMG. When [Weapon] is flashing from using Seed of Idea's other attacks, tap [Weapon] to cast Assemblage of Ideas again. With Seeds of Ideas already present, Assemblage of Ideas deals 200% x 4 ATK of Physical DMG. Protective Appearance: With Seeds of Idea present, tap [Weapon] to release it. Dreamweaver commands Seeds of Ideas to gather in front of her for defense, dealing 500% ATK of Physical DMG to nearby enemies. Seeds of Ideas launch a defensive attack 1.5s later, charging forward to deal 750% ATK of Physical DMG. The defensive attack is launched early if Seeds of Ideas hit an enemy while gathering or take an attack while defending, or by tapping [ATK] while defending. CD: 6s. In Dream World, Dreamweaver possesses an astral body, which counts as a summoned entity. Astral body has 4 short spears, and each charges the Javelin Meter when thrown. Dreamweaver enters Special state when all 4 of them are thrown. In this state, Dreamweaver can cast Kaleidoscope. Astral body has the weapon skill Residual Dream, allowing her to throw 4 short spears at once. Residual Dream: Tap [Weapon] to release. Astral body throws all short spears at once, dealing 180% x 4 ATK of Physical DMG. CD: 12s.

Created from Thoughts

Assemblage of Ideas restores 8.0 SP upon hitting enemies. Assemblage of Ideas deals an extra 220.0% x 4 ATK of Physical DMG.

Mortal Dreams

Dreamweaver-summoned entities gain 15.0% Crit Rate. Entities summoned by her physical body gain 24.0% more Crit Rate atop of that.

Remains of a Dream

Whenever Dreamweaver enters or switches from physical body to astral body, her Crit Rate increases by 15.0% and her Physical DMG increases by 5.0% for 15.0s. Triggering it again resets the duration.

Vestige of Illusions

Dodge enemy attacks up to twice in a row. A successful Ultimate Evasion triggers Ultimate Evasion Skill, which causes global Time Fracture for 3s. CD: 15s. Physical body: Triggering Ultimate Evasion Skill restores 5 more SP. Astral body: Attack and evade simultaneously. Evading forward deals 90% ATK of Physical DMG. Evading backward deals 30% x 3 ATK of Physical DMG. Evasion can be connected into Basic ATK SEQ 2.

Shape of Prudent Wisdom

Astral body's Ultimate Evasion Skill restores an additional 8.0 SP. Hitting enemies with evasion skill also triggers Ultimate Evasion Skill, which can be connected into Basic ATK SEQ 4 by tapping [ATK]. Basic ATK SEQ 4 released this way will make Dreamweaver enter Weaving state. Weaving state lasts 15s. Triggering it again resets the duration.

Emblem of Emerging Courage

Dreamweaver gains 1 stack of Transcription for every enemy she kills. Each stack lets her deal 5.0% bonus DMG (manifests as HP loss). Each stack lasts 60s and is timed separately. 3 stacks max.

Banner of Eternal Justice

Being hit while Protective Appearance lasts or landing Protective Appearance's assembling attack triggers Ultimate Evasion Skill, and Dreamweaver enters Weaving state for 15s. Triggering it again resets the duration. Casting Ultimate to create a dream will reset Ultimate Evasion Skill's CD. In Weaving state, Finisher deals an additional 500.0% ATK of Physical DMG and cancels Weaving state.

Charged ATK: Anguish of Eradication

Special Attack
Gather giant rocks and sweep with the javelin. Only available while controlling the astral body. Hold [ATK] to make the astral body step back and throw short spears. Tap [ATK] repeatedly to throw all short spears one by one, each dealing 130% ATK of Physical DMG. Gains Iron Body while throwing javelins. Kaleidoscope: Hold [ATK] when the Javelin Meter is full to cast. The astral body gathers rocks to pull and trap nearby enemies, then swings the long spear to smash the rocks, dealing 130% x 4 + 1080% ATK of Physical DMG and replenishing all short spears. Increases Crit Rate of Kaleidoscope by 15%.

Unfathomable Cycle

Enemies take 5.0% more Total DMG when Dreamweaver's summoned entity is on the field.

Protection of the Everlasting

Kaleidoscope deals 30.0% more Physical DMG.

Weaving a Pure Dream

Enemies take 20.0% bonus Physical DMG from Dreamweaver (independent).

Transience of Dream

Create a dream and possess an astral body. Dream creation: Pulls everything on the field into a dream and summons her astral body to fight in her stead, dealing 650% ATK of Physical DMG. Finisher: The astral body lasts 20s. Tap [ULT] 5s after creating a dream to release Finisher. Astral body throws a javelin to end the dream and switches back to the physical body, dealing 1200% ATK of Physical DMG. While casting Finisher, she is invincible and in Time-frozen Domain, which pauses all skill timers and the stage timer. SP cost: 50. CD: 11s (unaffected by CD reduction).

Perpetual Dream

Ultimate's dream creation consumes more SP, up to 50 SP, to increase Physical DMG by extra SP consumed x 0.70% and Crit Rate by extra SP consumed x 0.50%. This effect lasts until Finisher ends, the user faints, or she exits.

Remnant Dreams of Life and Death

Finisher gains 100% Crit Rate and 30.0% Crit DMG.

Ultimate Prophesy

Finisher deals an additional 350.0% ATK of Physical DMG.

Adaptability of Life

Basic Skill
Attack with a banner or a javelin. Physical body: Uses the banner to cast spells. Has 4 sequences. The 4th sequence is only available when Seeds of Idea are present. SEQ 1: Deals 180% x 2 ATK of Physical DMG. SEQ 2: Deals 240% ATK of Physical DMG. SEQ 3: Generates a black hole at the target location to pull nearby enemies and deal 150% x 4 ATK of Physical DMG. SEQ 4: Available when Seeds of Idea are present. Commands them to throw spears at the target, dealing 150% x 4 ATK of Physical DMG. Gains Iron Body while throwing them. Astral body: Attacks with a javelin. Has 4 sequences. SEQ 1: Deals 250% ATK of Physical DMG. SEQ 2: Deals 120% + 320% ATK of Physical DMG. SEQ 3: Deals 300% ATK of Physical DMG. SEQ 4: Deals 350% + 650% ATK of Physical DMG. Throws up to 4 short spears, each dealing 100% ATK of Physical DMG, and fills up the Javelin Meter. Grants Iron Body when casting.

QTE: Burden of Incarnations

QTE: Triggered when an enemy is in Time Fracture or impaired. Dreamweaver enters via QTE and creates a gravitational field to suppress all enemies, dealing 1000.0% ATK of Physical DMG and directly summoning Seed of Idea. On release, QTE restores 10.0 more SP. Enemies hit by it deal 30.0% less Total DMG for 10s. Triggering it again resets the duration.

Eternal Name of Glory

Astral body's Basic ATK SEQ 4 deals an extra 300.0% ATK of Physical DMG. After astral body uses Charged ATK to fully recharge Javelin, tap [ATK] to connect into Basic ATK SEQ 4.

Poem of Ever-changing History

Gain 40.0 initial SP in battle. This effect triggers once every 10 minutes in Open World.