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Terminal Aide 0017

Physical DMG
Time Mastery


Absolute Rationality

Leader Skill
Leader Bonus: Leader Skill: Team deals 24.0% more Physical DMG and has 25.0 more initial SP. Initial SP increases by another 25.0 if there are other IMG-type characters on the team (can be triggered once every 10 minutes in Open World).

Romantic Proof

Increases the team's Physical DMG by 24.0% and initial SP by 25.0. When there are other IMG-type characters in the team, initial SP is increased by another 25.0 (can be triggered once every 10 minutes in Open World).

Journey: Wave-Particle Duality

Passive bonuses apply automatically. Unshielded team members gain Dense Neutron Shield. Its value starts at 2000 and caps at 3000. While active, it reduces DMG taken by 50%. When its value falls to 0, it's temporarily disabled, but can be restored through Combo ATK [Simulation: Neural Network], Ultimate [Existence: Configuration Manifold], Retaliation [Reversal Field], and Defensive Status.

Memories and Personality

Characters with Dense Neutron Shield has 60.0% more shield-breaking power for the first 15s they enter the field.

Life and Creation

Characters with Dense Neutron Shield break shields 20.0% easier and have slightly improved Ignore Interrupt. Additionally, all enemies take 23.0% more Total DMG.

Past and Future

When enemies are hit by Regen: Superpartner, the team deals 35.0% more melee Physical DMG for 20s. Triggering it again resets the duration.

Destiny: Renormalization Group

PROMETHEUS's fists become a shield to defend against frontal attacks. A successful block negates the incoming attack and deals counter-attack damage. Hold [EVA] to raise a shield and enter Defensive Status, negating all frontal attacks. In Defensive Status, recover 70 Enthalpy per second. Release [EVA] at the moment of being hit to achieve Absolute Defense, dealing 100% ATK of Physical DMG and inflicting 3 Stun Trauma. Absolute Defense and Ultimate Evasion both restore 200 Enthalpy and trigger Ultimate Evasion Skill. Ultimate Evasion Skill: [CD: 10s] Triggers global Time Fracture for 1s. In addition, when triggered by Absolute Defense, Reversal Field is unleashed. Reversal Field: Fists turn into a Drill to deal 280% + 50% x 6 ATK of Physical DMG and restore 200 more Enthalpy.

Selfless Prometheus

Increases Dense Neutron Shield's maximum value to 4000.0. Triggering Reversal Field adds 500.0 Dense Neutron Shield.

Terminal Guardian

In combat, Defensive Status adds 400.0 Dense Neutron Shield per second, and extends global Time Fracture caused by Absolute Defense to 3s.

Combo: Simulation: Neural Network

Special Attack
Flip the floor so enemies can't gain a foothold. Enthalpy starts at 400 and caps at 400. Consume full Enthalpy to unleash Simulation: Neural Network, dealing 100% + 700% ATK of Physical DMG and inflicting 6 Stun Trauma, during which she takes 80% less Total DMG. Every 100 Enthalpy consumed adds 250 Dense Neutron Shield to all team members.


Every attack from teammates with Dense Neutron Shield restores 3.50 SP to Terminal Aide 0017. CD: 1.0s. CD is shared across the team.


For every 100 Enthalpy that Ultimate [Existence: Configuration Manifold] and Combo ATK [Simulation: Neural Network] consumes, it increases her own shield-breaking power by 120.0%, Physical DMG by 19.0%, and Crit Rate by 21.0% for 5s. Can stack up to 4 stacks. Triggering it again resets the duration. If 400 Enthalpy is consumed at once, enemies hit will also be inflicted with Impair, lowering their defence by 70% for 5s. Convolution's CD is 12s. Unleashing Basic ATK [Assertion: Transfinite Cardinal Number] SEQ 4 can remove this CD.

Existence: Configuration Manifold

Gigantic fists break out of the ground and grab the enemy. SP Cost: 90. CD: 20s. PROMETHEUS creates a black hole to pull enemies, then augments her fists and crush them from underneath, dealing 1200% ATK of Physical DMG while inflicting 18 Stun Trauma. Ultimate consumes all Enthalpy.

Intersection of Past and Present

Casting Ultimate [Existence: Configuration Manifold] increases the team's Crit DMG by 25.0% for 22s. Triggering it again resets the duration.

Antithetical World

Increases the Crit DMG dealt by Ultimate [Existence: Configuration Manifold] and Combo ATK [Simulation: Neural Network] by 100.0%.

Assertion: Transfinite Cardinal Number

Basic Skill
Attack with shapeshifting fists. SEQ 1: Deals 150% ATK of Physical DMG and restores 15 Enthalpy. SEQ 2: Deals 180% ATK of Physical DMG and restores 15 Enthalpy. SEQ 3: Deals 70% x 6 ATK of Physical DMG and restores 30 Enthalpy. SEQ 4: Deals 180% + 40% x 3 ATK of Physical DMG, inflicts 3 Stun Trauma, and restores 45 Enthalpy.

QTE: Axiom of Choice

QTE: Triggered when an enemy is Time-Slowed or hit by a teammate's Charged/Combo ATK. Deals 600.0% ATK of Physical DMG, fully restores Enthalpy, and reduces switch CD by 4s.

Incompleteness Theorem

On hit, Axiom of Choice restores 5.0 SP to team and another 5.0 SP to self, and increases self Total DMG by 65.0% for 6s. CD: 12s.

Set Paradox

Within 2s of landing Basic ATK, Assertion: Transfinite Cardinal Number SEQ 4, Defensive Status restores 85.0 more Enthalpy per second.

Regen: Superpartner

SP Skill
Colossal palm flattens enemies from above. When PROMETHEUS' Combo ATK Simulation: Neural Network or Ultimate Existence: Configuration Manifold hits, if this attack has consumed 400 Enthalpy, it will trigger Regen: Superpartner to deal 800% ATK of Physical DMG that is regarded as Ultimate DMG, during which she takes 80% less Total DMG and triggers 2s of global Time Fracture. If Regen: Superpartner hits a Nihilus Seed whose current HP is under 20%, it instantly destroys its current phase.


When hit by Regen: Superpartner, IMG enemies drop an SP pack. CD: 20s. They also take 27.0% more Total DMG from Physical DMG characters for 20s. Triggering it again resets the duration.


If Regen: Superpartner hits enemies with broken shield, or if their shields are broken within 10s, shield recovery time will be frozen for 5.0s. The shield recovery time of these enemies cannot be frozen again thereafter, until the next time they have fully recovered their shields.

New Life

Regen: Superpartner deals 120.0% more Crit DMG.