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Elysian Realm
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Scarlet Fusion

Lightning DMG
Heavy ATK


Nuclear Armament

Leader Skill
Leader Bonus: Nuclear Armament: Team gains 30% Total DMG Multiplier to switch skill attacks.

Nuclear Armament

Team Switch Skill attacks gain 30% Total DMG Multiplier.


Passive bonuses apply automatically.

Nuclear Protection

Shortens the duration of most debuffs by 50%.

Barrier Smasher

Additionally deals 602 Lightning DMG against enemies with unbroken Elite Shields.

Ruthless Pursuit

Attacks against ignited or bleeding enemies gain 40.0% Total DMG Multiplier.

Fusion Roll

Evasive roll. Can be performed twice in a row. Nuclear Propulsion: After Ultimate Evasion, Move Speed increases by 40% for 3s. Tap [ATK] at the moment of Ultimate Evasion to immediately launch a jump cleave. Nuclear Charge: After Ultimate Evasion, the Valkyrie gains an EM Charge that increases Ignore Interrupt for 5s. CD: 15s. EM Blast: During EM Charge, hitting an enemy generates an EM Blast that deals 80% ATK of Lightning DMG to the target and nearby enemies and inflicts 5 Paralyze Trauma on them.

Rapid CD

Shortens CD of EM Charge by 4.0s.

Augmented Reactor

Extends the duration of EM Charge by 3.0s. EM Blast additionally deals 301% ATK of Lightning DMG.

Charge: Fusion Assault

Special Attack
Charging on the spot initiates a forward dash and upward slash that knocks the enemy airborne. Sprinting Zornhut: Tap and hold the [ATK] button to start, and pushes the enemy forward, then release the [ATK] button to knock the enemy airborne and deal 400% ATK of Physical DMG. Sprint ATK: During sprinting, tap the [ATK] button to launch a jump cleave that deals 500% ATK of Physical DMG.

Devastator's Charge

Each sprint attack additionally deals 201 Lightning DMG.

Switch: Shoryu Blade

Switch entry unleashes Onrush Slash, dealing 450% ATK of Physical DMG and knocking enemies airborne.

QTE: Shoryu Nuclear EX

QTE: Triggered when an enemy is Time-Slowed. Knocks enemies airborne, deals 605% ATK of Physical DMG, and shoots a light blade that deals 2150 Lightning DMG and inflicts 5 Paralyze Trauma.

Nexus Unlock

Enters Valkyrie state, enhancing all attacks. Burst: Enhances most attack moves, ATK Speed, and Interrupt ability. At over 100 SP, consumes 20 SP to activate and 10 SP/s afterwards until SP is depleted; max duration: 60s.

Nuclear Impact

During Burst, each attack will launch a penetrating Light Blade that travels in a straight path, dealing 321% Lightning DMG to enemies hit.

Fusion Rupture

Burst activation deals 400.0% ATK of Lightning DMG to enemies nearby and inflicts 5 Paralyze Trauma on them.

Plasma Rend

In burst mode, light blades from Tri-Strike inflict 3 Bleed Trauma.

Heavy Sword

Basic Skill
Basic ATK: Tri-Strike. Triggering Perfect Combo boosts Ignore Interrupt. Tri-Strike: Each strike deals 150%, 180%, and 250% ATK of Physical DMG respectively. Perfect Combo: Triggered by tapping [ATK] when a flashing circle appears on the Valkyrie to gain 15% Crit Rate for this attack. When 2 consecutive (interval is less than 2s) Perfect Combos are triggered, charges the weapon briefly; within the next 10s, the first Sprinting Zornhut unleashed will also launch a Spinning Blade that deals 3x200% ATK of Lightning DMG.

Slash Rhythm

The attack that triggers Perfect Combo gains 15.0% Crit Rate and additionally deals 120% ATK of Lightning DMG. Lightning DMG of Spinning Blade increases to 500% ATK.

Slash Tempo

Gains Ignore Interrupt and 50% Total DMG Reduction after triggering Perfect Combo for 1.8s. Restores 4.0 SP every time when Spinning Blade hits an enemy.

Slash Accent

If Basic ATK SEQ 3 triggers Perfect Combo, it has higher Interrupt and a 100.0% chance to inflict 10 Paralyze Trauma. (CD: 8s).