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Abyss Lab

Honkai 3rd

Elysian Realm
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Valkyrie Pledge

Lightning DMG
Time Mastery
Fast ATK


Our Pledge

Leader Skill
Leader Bonus: Our Pledge: Shortens duration of most debuffs by 40% for the team. PSY-type characters gain 24% Elemental DMG.

Our Pledge

Shortens debuff durations by 40% for the team. PSY-type characters gain 24% Elemental DMG.


Passive bonuses apply automatically.

I'm Mad

After deploying the cross, character gains 50.0% Attack Speed.

World's #1 Cutie

Gain 30.0 initial SP in battle. This bonus triggers once every 10 minutes in Open World.

Lightning Strike

When Combo Hit Count exceeds 50, each hit of the next charged attack deals Combo Hit Count (max: 126) x 56 Lightning DMG and knocks down the enemy; Combo Hit Count resets to zero after the effect.

Time Refuge

Quick sideways dodge to evade enemy attack. Can be triggered 2 times in a row. After Ultimate Evasion, gain 40% Move Speed for 3s. Time Fracture: Triggers Time Fracture upon an Ultimate Evasion, slowing all enemies for 3s. CD: 15s.

Refuge Enhance

Increases the duration of Time Fracture by 2.50s.

Time Bender

Shortens CD of Ultimate Evasion by 4.00s.


After Time Fracture is triggered upon Ultimate Evasion, next deployed cross gains 45.0% Total DMG Multiplier.

Charge: Piercing Spear

Special Attack
Charge during the 4-sequence Basic ATK to launch a piercing attack. Piercing Spear: Charge by holding the [ATK] button during the 4-sequence Basic ATK. Reaches full charge in a short time, then release the [ATK] button to deal 3x135% ATK of Physical DMG.

Charged Thrust

Each hit of Piercing Spear has a 13.4% chance to deal 225% ATK of Lightning DMG and inflict 5 Paralyze Trauma.

Switch: Holy Lance

Switch: Immediately unleash Piercing Spear, dealing 3x211% ATK of Physical DMG.

QTE: Triple Spears

QTE: Triggers when an enemy is frozen. Unleashes 3 Piercing Spears in succession, with each Spear dealing 3x190% ATK of Physical DMG.


Throws a spear into the air that transform into a rain of holy javelins. Spearsss: Deals total Physical DMG equal to 25x75% of ATK. SP Cost: 75

Debilitating Thunder

Each strike of Ultimate has a 18.01% chance to impair the target, lowering its Ignore Interrupt and reducing its DEF by 80.0% for 3.5s.

Thunderous Judgment

Each strike of Ultimate additionally deals 40.0% ATK of Lightning DMG.

Spear of Brionac

Basic Skill
Basic ATK: Mid-range 4-sequence attack with ethereal light lances. 1st Sequence: 3x30% ATK of Physical DMG. 2nd Sequence: 3x30% ATK of Physical DMG. 3rd Sequence: 4x45% ATK of Physical DMG. 4th Sequence: 3x75% ATK of Physical DMG against enemies within a large AOE.

Thunder Spear

Basic ATKs (including Charged ATKs) have a 8.0% chance to strike enemies with Cross Light Spears, dealing 2400 Lightning DMG. CD: 3s.

Spear of Imprisonment

Cross Light Spear immobilizes the enemy for 3.00s.

Blessing of Taranis

At 30 combo hits or higher, Basic ATK deals 30.0% ATK of bonus Lightning DMG and inflicts minor Paralyze Trauma.