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Elysian Realm
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Sakuno Rondo

Fire DMG
Fast ATK


Ritual Dance

Leader Skill
Leader Bonus: Ritual Dance: For the team, attacks made against enemies knocked airborne gain 24% Total DMG Multiplier. Teams with 3 characters of different types gain 18% Elemental DMG.

Ritual Dance

Team's attacks against enemies knocked airborne gain 24% Total DMG. Team formed by 3 battlesuits of 3 different types gains 18% Elemental DMG.


Passive bonuses apply automatically. Sakura Brand: Clears the Sakura Count on enemy once the count has reached 3 and inflicts a Sakura Brand. The Sakura Brand lasts for 10s.

Not the Ears

Each hit against frozen/paralyzed enemies additionally deals 80% ATK of Fire DMG.

Let's Dance

When cross is deployed, team gains 23.4% All Elemental DMG for 7.50s.

World's #1 Cutie

Gain 30.0 initial SP in battle. This bonus triggers once every 10 minutes in Open World.

Burning Kenbu

Quick sideways dodge to evade enemy attack. Can be performed twice in a row. Ultimate Evasion: Unleashes a 3-sequence sword ki with each sequence dealing 10% ATK of Physical DMG against surrounding enemies. The Valkyries gains 40% Move Speed for 3s. Burning Kenbu: Triggers upon Ultimate Evasion. Each sword ki sequence inflicts 1 Sakura Count on the target; tap [ATK] within a short duration to directly unleash Foxfire; CD: 15s.

Blazing Kenbu

Enhances the sword aura triggered upon Ultimate Evasion. Each hit additionally deals 50.1% ATK of Fire DMG.

Florid Kenbu

Ultimate Evasion's CD is reduced by 3.40s. Each hit of Sword Ki has a 18.5% chance to inflict 3 Bleed Trauma.

Charged: Scorching Foxfire

Special Attack
Charge during the 5-sequence Basic ATK to unleash Foxfire. Tap and hold the [ATK] button to charge during a 5-sequence Basic ATK or Ultimate to unleash Foxfire after a short charge, dealing 3x50% ATK of Fire DMG to target and its surrounding enemies. Foxfire transforms Sakura Brand into Scorching Sakura Brand that then explodes after 1s, dealing 300% ATK of Fire DMG and knocking enemies airborne.

Switch: Twin Slashers

Switch: Launches 2 flying blades, each blade deals 3x250.0% ATK of Physical DMG and knocks down the enemy.

Switch Skill: Triplex Slashers

QTE: Triggered when enemy is paralyzed. Enters the battle near the target and unleashes 3-sequence sword ki, each hit dealing 324.0% ATK of Physical DMG and adding a Sakura Count.

Detonate Brand

Scorching Sakura Brand explosions deal 621% ATK of Fire DMG. When not in Hijoyo Mode mode, recover 5.0 SP every time Foxfire scorches a Sakura Brand.

Hijoyo Frenzy

Unleash Valkyrie energy to enter Hijoyo Mode and gain Ignore Interrupt. Burst: Upon activation, unleashes 3 slashes over a large area, each dealing 100% ATK of Physical DMG, adding 1 Sakura Count, and inflicting 12 Ignite Trauma. Hijoyo Mode: The 5-sequence Basic ATK becomes more powerful, deals Fire DMG, and scorches Sakura Brands. SEQ 3 & 5 each adds 1 Sakura Count. At over 80 SP, costs 20 SP to activate and 8 SP/s to maintain until SP is depleted or the skill is manually canceled. Max duration: 60s.

Sakura Mark

The 3rd and 5th sequences of Burst ATK additionally inflict 1 Sakura Count(s) on the target upon hit and deal 180.0% ATK of bonus Physical DMG.

Fire Sprite

In Hijoyo Mode, character deals 50.0% more Fire DMG.

Warding Sprite

In Hijoyo Mode, gains 52.1% Total DMG Reduction, shortens the durations of most debuffs by 70%, and gains 45.1% ATK Speed.

Fox Blade

Basic Skill
Basic ATK: Mid-range 5-sequence ATK with ethereal katanas. 1st Sequence: 3x40% ATK of Physical DMG. 2nd Sequence: 3x40% ATK of Physical DMG. 3rd Sequence: 150% ATK of Physical DMG. 4th Sequence: 2 katanas dealing 3x40% ATK of Physical DMG each. 5th sequence: 180% ATK of Physical DMG. The 3rd and 5th sequences of the Basic ATK inflict 1 Sakura Count on the target.

Ghostfire Burn

Basic ATK and Ultimate have a 20.0% chance to inflict 5 Ignite Trauma (CD: 6s).


Basic & Ultimate ATKs additionally deal 28.0% ATK of Fire DMG. The 3rd and 5th sequences additionally deal 3x60% ATK of Fire DMG.

Engraved Mark

Extends the duration of Sakura Brand applied by self to 20.0s. When Combo Hit Count exceeds 30, gain 20.0% Total DMG Multiplier.