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Azure Empyrea

Fu Hua
Fire DMG
Time Mastery


Hex of Exposure

Leader Skill
Leader Bonus: Hex of Exposure: All team members gain 1500% Total DMG for 0.0s after entry. If the team consists of members of 3 different types, all team members gain 24% Total DMG.

Hex of Exposure

All team members gain 18% Total DMG for 15.0s after entry. If the team consists of members of 3 different types, all team members gain 24% Total DMG.

Hex of Devastation

The first four Combo ATKs restore 1/2/4/8 SP for Azure Empyrea and deal 50.0% more Fire DMG. Casting Ultimate resets the counter.

Hex of Gale

Azure Empyrea gains 10.0% Total DMG for 20.0s when her Basic ATK, Combo ATK, weapon active or Ultimate lands. The effect stacks when triggered by different types of attacks; the effect duration resets when triggered by the same type of attack.

Passive Skill

Passive bonuses apply automatically.

Hex of Force

For each Combo ATK performed, the Valkyrie gains 4.0% Total DMG for 40s (max stacks: 5). Triggering this effect again resets the duration.

Hex of Reburn

If 2 consecutive Combo ATK moves released are the same Combo ATK, the second one deals 30.0% more Fire DMG; if 2 consecutive Combo ATK moves released are 2 different Combo ATK moves, the second one restores 6.0 SP for the character upon hit.

Hex of Rebirth

Auto-triggers before character dies (can be triggered 1 time per battle): Fully heals the character and makes her invincible for 1s. If triggered later than 30s after the battle starts, character additionally restores 30.0 SP.

Taichi of Inertia

Quickly dodge enemy attacks. Can be performed twice in a row. Within the first 1.2s after performing Ultimate Evasion, Valkyrie gains Ignore Interrupt, 80% Total DMG Reduction, and can directly perform the 4th sequence of Basic ATK (once only). Time Fracture: Ultimate Evasion triggers 3s of Time Fracture; CD: 15s. Spirit Shield: Valkyrie gains a barrier that blocks the next incoming attack. Reset upon Ultimate Evasion.

Calculated Gust

Shortens CD of Ultimate Evasion by 4.00s.

Hex of Foresight

When Spirit Shield exists, character deals 35.0% more Total DMG.

Combo: Yin-Yang Tempo

Special Attack
When the sum of Yin and Yang reaches 3, hold [ATK] to unleash various Combo ATKs based on the numbers of Yin and Yang. 3 Yang: Unleashes Senpo: Emperyan Fir, dealing 900% ATK of Fire DMG and additionally restores 4 SP upon hit. 2 Yin + 1 Yang / 1 Yin + 2 Yang: Unleashes Senpo: Snaring Flame, dealing 600% ATK of Fire DMG and pulling in enemies and immobilizing them for 3s; if this combo hits any target, all Valkyries on the battlefield restore 1 SP per second for 15s. 3 Yin: Unleashes Senpo: Magma Melt, dealing 600% ATK of Fire DMG and boosting the team's All Elemental DMG against the target hit by this combo by 30% for 15s.

Hex of Crucibles

Combo ATK hit makes the target take 35.0% more Fire DMG for 15s.

Hex of Mending

Combo ATK hit heals all team members for 60 HP; CD: 3s.

Hex of Drowning

Combo ATK hit makes the target take 30.0% more Ice DMG for 15s.

Empyrean Sunder

Pulls in enemies and deal damage. Immobilizes all enemies for 11s and deals 1800% ATK of Fire DMG to them. Boosts the team's Elemental DMG against enemies hit by this skill by 30% for 15s, during which the deployed Valkyrie restores 1 SP per second, gains Ignore Interrupt and 35% Total DMG Reduction, while all enemies' Ignore Interrupt is lowered. The above effects do not stack with Combo ATK effects. Activation cost: 125 SP. CD: 5s.

Hex of Breaching

When Azure Empyrea's Ultimate ends, all team members gain 16.0% Elemental Breach for 15s.

Hex of Brilliance

Within 15s after Azure Empyrea's Ultimate ends, all team members additionally deal 50.0% ATK of Fire DMG when attack. This effect can only apply once per second against each target.

Hex of Enervation

Enemies hit by Azure Empyrea's Ultimate suffer the vulnerability debuffs inflicted by Hex of Crucibles and Hex of Drowning and takes 30.0% more Lightning DMG 15s.

Yin and Yang

Basic Skill
Tap the [ULT] or [ATK] button to attack enemies and gain Yin or Yang. The first 3 sequences: Each sequence deals 170% ATK of Fire DMG. 4th sequence: Deals 200% ATK of Fire DMG. Tap [ATK]/[ULT] to unleash Solar Focus or Lunar Essence. The sum of Yin and Yang cannot not exceed 3; once this limit has been reached, Solar Focus or Lunar Essence can no longer be unleashed.

Unbroken Fire

ATK Speed increases by 15.0%. The last hit of Basic ATK SEQ 4 deals 120.0% ATK of bonus Fire DMG and inflicts 6 Ignite Trauma.

QTE: Radiant Entry

QTE: Triggers when an enemy is affected by Time Slow. Deals 5x100.0%+450.0% ATK of Fire DMG, then unleashes Lunar Essence 3 times.

Hex of Unyielding

The first 3 sequences of Basic ATK grant Ignore Interrupt and 35.0% Total DMG Reduction; while unleashing the 4th sequence, character gains Iron Body and 80% Total DMG Reduction.