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Elysian Realm
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Umbral Rose

Physical DMG
Time Mastery


Rosette Runners

Leader Skill
Leader Bonus: Rosette Runners: Whole Team gains 16.0% faster attack speed. PSY-type character: Ultimates gain 21.0% Total DMG Multiplier.

Rosette Runners

Whole team gains 16.0% faster attack speed. PSY-type character: Ultimates gain 21.0% Total DMG Multiplier.


Character automatically gains passive bonuses. Umbra: Start battle with 800 Umbra and recovers 50 Umbra per second up to a max of 800. Umbra recovery: Last strike of the 2nd Basic ATK sequence: 80. Last strike of the 5th Basic ATK sequence: 120. Last strike of the Ultimate: 160.

Jagged Splinters

Thorny Scythe and last strike of Ultimate gain 35.0% or 50.0% Total DMG Multiplier against enemies with 1 or 2 Laceration stacks respectively.

Relentless Skullcap

When Combo Hit Count exceeds 40/80, the Valkyrie gains 20.0%/40.0% Physical DMG.


Auto-triggers before character dies, granting invincibility and recovering 5.0% HP every 0.5s for 3s. Activates 1 time per battle only.

Iris Blink

Quickly evades enemy attacks. Can be performed twice in a row. Recovers 50 Umbra upon performing an Ultimate Evasion and gains 40% Move Speed for 3s. Iris Blink: Ultimate Evasion triggers a Time Fracture that slows all enemies for 2s. Tap [ATK] to immediately perform a Shuttle ATK (the 4th Sequence of Basic ATK) and recover up to 150 Umbra; CD: 15s.

Freesian Spurt

Shortens the CD of Iris Blink by 4.0s, and extends the duration of Time Fracture by 1.5s.

Rush Renewal

Iris Blink now regains 300.0 Umbra.

Charge: Rosy Funeral

Special Attack
Throw a Spirit Scythe to deal ranged DMG by charging during any sequence of the Basic ATK. At full Umbra, tap and hold the [ATK] button during any attack to throw a spinning Thorny Scythe that deals up to 8x100% ATK of Physical DMG while consuming all Umbra 15% of the character's Max HP (Thorny Scythe HP loss will not lead to death, but will trigger Rosemary). The character then enters a Rosy State for 6s, during each hit of Basic ATK or Ultimate heal her for 0.5% HP. Rosy State ends after the character receives healing from 40 hits. Switch: Performs an empowered form of the 3rd Sequence that deals 120%+180% ATK of Physical DMG.


Enemy kill within 1s after throwing the spinning scythe additionally heals 10% Max HP + 500 HP for the Valkyrie.

QTE: Mark the Weeds

QTE: Triggered when an enemy is Impaired, dealing 100% + 3x200.0% ATK of Physical DMG. The last 3 strikes of the attack can directly add 2 Laceration stacks on the enemy.

Hardy Lilac

Rosy State: Character gains 50.0% Total DMG Reduction and takes 50.0% less Indirect DMG.

Reaper of Weeds

Launches a 7-sequence Flash Attack dealing 16x50% ATK of AOE Physical DMG and inflicting a brief Time Slow on hit. Then throws a spinning scythe to create a cyclone dealing 10x40% ATK of Physical DMG and applying 2 Laceration stacks. Once the cyclone ends, swings the scythe over a large area dealing 800% ATK of Physical DMG. SP cost: 100; CD: 20s.

Rose of Jericho

If every blink attack at the beginning of the Ultimate hits an enemy, the character is healed for 60 HP.

Vile Mustard

Ultimate gains 30.0% Total DMG Multiplier against bleeding or impaired enemies.

Double Swirls

Every strike of the Ultimate cyclone gains 50.0% ATK of Physical DMG. The last strike additionally deals 300.0% ATK of Physical DMG.


Basic Skill
5-sequence scythe sweeps. 1st Sequence: 80% ATK of Physical DMG. 2nd Sequence: 50%+(4x18%)+120% ATK of Physical DMG. 3rd Sequence: 50%+60% ATK of Physical DMG. 4th Sequence: (3x40%)+(5x30%) ATK of Physical DMG. 5th Sequence: 150%+200% ATK of Physical DMG. The last hits of the 2nd and 5th Sequences inflict a Laceration status on the targets for 5s. Laceration can stack up to 2 times; gaining more stacks resets the duration. Attacks against an enemy with 1/2 Laceration stack(s) deal 10%/20% more Total DMG.

Hardened Prickles

Character gains 20.0%, 40.0% Total DMG Multiplier against enemies with 1 or 2 Laceration stacks.

Queen of Mauve

If the Shuttle ATK (the 4th sequence of Basic ATK) hits an enemy, the Valkyrie additionally restores 6.0 SP.