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Swallowtail Phantasm

Physical DMG


Azure Nymph

Leader Skill
Leader Bonus: Azure Nymph: Team gains 20% Crit Rate in Burst mode. If Bronya is in the team, team also gains 16% Total DMG Multiplier.

Azure Nymph

Team gains 20% Crit Rate in Burst mode. If Bronya is on the team, team also gains 16% Total DMG.


Passive bonuses apply automatically. Veil is maxed at 500.

Fragile Flight

ATKs deal 40.0% more Total DMG against impaired enemies.

Unending Fantasy

When Combo Hit Count exceeds 10/30/50, character gains 20.00%/40.00%/60.00% Crit DMG.

Soul Devourer

Gain 150.0 Veil for each enemy kill.

Blinking Flash

Evades enemy attack. Can be performed twice in a row. Restores 30 Veil upon Ultimate Evasion. Plane Warp: In non-Burst mode, enters Phase Warp State (lasts 3s) upon Ultimate Evasion and can directly unleash the 4th sequence of Basic ATK, during which the Valkyrie gains 20% Total DMG Reduction and can shuttle through enemies; Burst mode bonus: additionally gains 30 Veil and performs a special shuttle ATK that deals 2x60%+2x100%+480% ATK of Physical DMG and inflicts Veliona's Binding that reduces 40% Move Speed. CD: 15s. Veliona's Binding overrides Vibration Mode until Burst mode ends. Max duration: 6s.

Quantum Form

Ultimate Evasions gain 120 Veil. Plane Warp CD shortened by 8.0s.

Tunnelling Effect

Extends duration of Phase Warp State to 6.0s and raises DMG Reduction to 40.0%.

Traceless Shift

During Phase Warp, gains 25.0% Physical DMG and 50.0% SP recovery rate.

Charged: Fluttering Ripple

Special Attack
Charged ATK can be performed during Basic ATKs. Tap and hold [ATK] during the Basic ATK sequence to deal 4x150% ATK of Physical DMG.

Sublime Current

Recover 10.0 SP when performing Charged ATK.

Particle Vibration

Charged ATKs also inflicts Vibration Mode on enemies for 6s to slow their Move Speed by 40% and make them take 30.0% bonus Total DMG from Swallowtail Phantasm (independent effect).

QTE: Soul Taker

QTE: Triggers when enemy is affected by Time Slow, dealing 4x200% ATK of Physical DMG. Scoring a hit on enemies recovers 250 Veil and 8.0 SP, and activates Phase Warp State.

Veliona's Torrent

Assumes Shadow Avatar powers to enter Burst mode. Performs a multi-sequence shuttle ATK to deal 6x150% ATK of Physical DMG, gains Avatar powers to deal 2x200%+600% ATK of Physical DMG, then enters Burst mode to get 250 Veil. Final blow inflicts Veliona's Binding and one Quantum Implosion against QUA enemies. Burst: Gain crit multiplier for Basic ATK and 50% Total DMG Reduction. Tap and hold [ATK] to spend an evasion and perform a special shuttle ATK and trigger Plane Warp. Cost: 30 Veil per 0.5s. Max duration: 18s. CD: 25s. SP cost: 125

Scarlet Chain

In Burst mode: Enemy kills can be directly connected into special shuttle ATKs that inflict Veliona's Binding. Enemies affected by this debuff takes 40.0% bonus Total DMG from Swallowtail Phantasm's attacks (independent effect).

Shade of Folly

In Burst mode: Triggering Plane Warp restores 180 Veil.

Oneiric Shade

In Burst mode: Gains 35.0% Physical DMG; final sequence of the special shuttle ATK additionally deals 180.0% ATK of Physical DMG.

Shear of Phantasos

Basic Skill
5-sequence sweeping scythe attack. 1st Sequence: 100% ATK of Physical DMG. 2nd Sequence: 80%+100% ATK of Physical DMG. 3rd Sequence: 2x60%+120% ATK of Physical DMG. 4th Sequence: 120%+160% ATK of Physical DMG. 5th Sequence: 2x80%+240% ATK of Physical DMG. Restores 15 Veil when Basic ATK hits any enemy.

Serene Reaper

Gain 26 Veil when hitting with the 5-sequence Basic ATK.

Veliona's Succor

Heal 160.0 HP when Basic ATKs score a Crit. CD: 5.0s.