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Elysian Realm
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Dea Anchora

Fire DMG
Time Mastery


Crux Galactica

Leader Skill
Leader Bonus: Crux Galactica: Team's Ultimate ATKs deal 24.0% bonus Total DMG. With 3 Fire DMG Valkyries, team deals 30.0% bonus Fire DMG.

Crux Galactica

Team's Ultimate ATKs deal 24.0% bonus Total DMG. With 3 Fire DMG Valkyries, team deals 30.0% bonus Fire DMG.

α - Foot of the Crux

Voidstar Anchor and Voidstar Anchor EX deal 25.0% bonus Fire DMG.

γ - Head of the Crux

Seirios Ballista restores 10.0 SP, and SP cost cap is raised to 42.0.

Argo the Navigator

Passive bonuses apply automatically. Astrum: Maxes at 200. In Astral Harness, Dea Anchora's Basic ATKs are permanently enhanced and she moves in DEA Astra state. In DEA Astra, tap [ATK] to connect into Astral Barrage. Forward evasions can be connected with DEA Astra faster.

γ - Vela of Speed

On standby, Valkyrie restores 1.5 SP per second.

ζ - Puppis of Power

Casting Ultimate boosts Total DMG by 20.0% for 3s. 2 stacks max and triggering it again resets the duration.

α - Carina of Flames

When attacked by Dea Anchora, ignited enemies take 24.0% bonus Fire DMG from her (independent effect).

Pegasus the Fleet

Quickly dodge enemy attacks up to twice in a row. Can be connected into Astral Barrage and deal 120% ATK of Fire DMG. Astral Barrage can be further connected into the 2nd sequence of Basic ATK. Ultimate Evasions trigger Ultimate Evasion Skill: Flight of Bellephoron, which triggers a 3s Global Time Fracture and can be connected into Ultimate Evasion ATK to deal 600% ATK of Fire DMG. Ultimate Evasion ATK can be further connected into the 3rd sequence of Basic ATK. CD: 15s

ε - Stallion's Muzzle

Shortens Flight of Bellephoron's CD by 3.0s.

β - Stallion's Shoulder

Last attack of Flight of Bellephoron restores 10 SP on hit.

Hercules the Warrior

Special Attack
Unleash the astral power within and enter Astral Harness to deal high burst damage. With over 200 Astrum, hold [ATK] to activate Astra Forge and enter Astral Harness, which costs 20 Astrum per second. After the 1st activation through Astra Forge, Astral Harness will later be activated through Cosmic Nova. Astra Forge and Cosmic Nova are both Charged ATKs which deal 800% ATK of Fire DMG and trigger a 2s Global Time Fracture.

β - Fighting Arm

Astral Harness grants 50.0% bonus Total DMG, boosts Ignore Interrupt, and reduces Total DMG taken by 30.0%.

ζ - Red Ember

Entering Astral Harness restores 30 SP instantly and 0.6 SP per 0.2s for 5s.

Sagittarius the Archer

Dea Anchora can perform different Ultimates. In Astral Harness, her Ultimate is enhanced, and Seirios Ballista is unlocked. Melee mode: Astral Flares. Lance mode (Basic ATK SEQ 3/4/5): Voidstar Anchor. Can alternate between two Ultimate variations. Normal form: Costs 15 SP, restores 50 Astrum, and grants Iron Body. Astral Flares: Multiple punches dealing 1000% ATK of Fire DMG. Voidstar Anchor: Leap up and hurl spears at enemies, dealing 800% ATK of Fire DMG and gathering enemies for 2s. In Astral Harness: Costs 15 SP and grants invincibility. Astral Harness does not cost Astrum during Ultimate. Astral Flares EX: Deals 1280% ATK of Fire DMG. Voidstar Anchor EX: Hurl spears twice dealing 720% ATK of Fire DMG and create 3 Ether Anchors to strike enemies dealing 3 x 80% ATK of Fire DMG. In Astral Harness, cast Ultimate twice in a row and tap [ULT] again to cast Seirios Ballista: Unleashes a star-shattering shot dealing 700% ATK of Fire DMG. Every SP consumed converts to 60% ATK of bonus Fire DMG. SP cost caps at 35. Casting Seirios Ballista ends Astral Harness and resets Astrum. Ultimate inflicts 3 Ignite Trauma.

ε - Flaming Bow

Ultimate deals 50.0% bonus Fire DMG to ignited enemies. During Ultimate, Valkyrie takes 65.0% less Total DMG.

ν - Eye of the Archer

Last hit of Astral Flares EX deals 320.0% ATK of bonus Fire DMG. Voidstar Anchor EX creates 2 more Ether Anchors, and all Ether Anchors deal 80.0% bonus Fire DMG.

γ - Charged Arrowhead

Seirios Ballista deals 50.0% bonus Total DMG.

Orion the Hunter

Basic Skill
Use melee combat moves and dual lances to deal Physical & Fire DMG. Basic ATK: 1st Sequence: 80% ATK of Physical DMG + 80% ATK of Fire DMG. 2nd Sequence: 85% ATK of Physical DMG + 85% ATK of Fire DMG. 3rd Sequence: 240% ATK of Fire DMG. 4th Sequence: 360% ATK of Fire DMG. 5th Sequence: 500% ATK of Fire DMG. Enhanced Basic ATK: 3rd Sequence: 340% ATK of Fire DMG. 4th Sequence: 520% ATK of Fire DMG. 5th Sequence: 680% ATK of Fire DMG.

α - Shoulder of Orion

Basic ATK SEQ 5 inflicts 6.0 Ignite Trauma.

β - Foot of the Hunter

During Basic ATK and 3rd/4th/5th sequence of Enhanced Basic ATK, Valkyrie takes 30.0% less damage.

QTE: γ - Bellatrix

QTE: Triggered when an enemy is knocked airborne or ignited to induce 3s of Global Time Fracture, deal 1100.0% ATK of Fire DMG, restore 10.0 SP, and gather enemies nearby.