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Elysian Realm
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Stellar Crusader

Leader Skill
Leader Bonus: Team deals 30.0% bonus Physical DMG. Weapon skills have 35.0% bonus Crit Rate.

Stellar Crusader

Team deals 30.0% bonus Physical DMG. Weapon skills have 35.0% bonus Crit Rate.

Aria Palatinus

Passive bonuses apply automatically. ICHOR Maxes at 300 and auto-restores over time. Casting weapon skill restores 50 ICHOR. In Knight Form, Palatinus Equinox restores more ICHOR when moving and enters Flash State when it's fully charged. ICHOR is reset when Palatinus Equinox switches form or exits.


Switching form resets Ultimate Evasion Skill CD. Can only be triggered once every 8s.


Weapon skills deal 20.0% bonus Physical DMG and 20.0% bonus Crit DMG.

Blessing of the Holy Blade

Enemies take 25.0% bonus Physical DMG from Palatinus Equinox (cannot stack).

Duality of Antinomy

Guardian Form for defense and Knight Form for evasion. Ultimate Evasion Skill: Triggers 2s of Global Time Fracture and fully charges ICHOR. CD: 15s. Guardian Form: Backward evasion triggers Defense and forward evasion triggers Shield Ram. Taking hits during Defense or hitting enemies with Shield Ram triggers Retaliation which negates incoming attack, deals 120% ATK of Physical DMG, and triggers Ultimate Evasion Skill. Shield Ram can also trigger Ultimate Evasion Skill passively. Tap [ATK] after Retaliation to perform Up Thrust (or Equinox Severance when Ultimate Evasion Skill is triggered). Knight Form: Active evasion triggers Ultimate Evasion Skill (Leap Stomp cannot). During Ultimate Evasion Skill: Tap a direction key to trigger Flash State; Tap [EVA] to trigger Stomp; Hold [ATK] to trigger Sprint.

QTE: Symmetry Breaking

QTE: Triggered when an enemy is Time-Slowed or knocked airborne to induce Knight Form, cause a 2s Global Time Fracture, and deal 1000.0% ATK of Physical DMG.

In Itself & for Itself

Initial SP in battle increases by 40. This bonus triggers once every 10 minutes in Open World.

Paradox Spiral

Palatinus Equinox deals 20.0% bonus Total DMG.

Glorious Schariac

Special Attack
The black armor turns into a war horse for mounted combat. SEQ 1: 150% + 200% ATK of Physical DMG. SEQ 2: 3 x 120% ATK of Physical DMG. SEQ 3: 400% ATK of Physical DMG. SEQ 4: 600% ATK of Physical DMG. In Flash State, tap [EVA] to induce Stomp or hold [ATK] to induce Sprint. Release [ATK] in Sprint State to unleash Elite Thrust. Stomp: Deals 350% ATK of Physical DMG and gather enemies nearby. Hold [ATK] to induce Sprint. Sprint: Deals N x 110% ATK of Physical DMG (N stands for hits and caps at 10). Hitting enemies consumes ICHOR. Elite Thrust: 800% ATK of Physical DMG. Stomp, Sprint, and Elite Thrust are all considered Charged ATK with Adamance and Iron Body. To walk slowly: Steer the left joystick if using a phone or a controller. Hold Shift and a direction key if using a keyboard.

Valkyrie's Ride

Elite Thrust deals 400.0% ATK of bonus Physical DMG.

Valkyrie's Legacy

Sprint & Elite Thrust deal 60.0% bonus Total DMG, have 100.0% bonus Crit Rate, and deal 60.0% bonus Crit DMG.

Valkyrie's Glory

Each sequence of Sprint deals 30.0% ATK of bonus Physical DMG.

Equinox March

Mount the war horse and reach max speed to deal massive Physical DMG. Tap: Switch between Knight Form and Guardian Form. Knight to Guardian triggers Shield Ram. Guardian to Knight enables active Ultimate Evasion Skill. Hold: Perform a mighty blow to deal 2000% ATK of Physical DMG and trigger Time-frozen Domain which suspends all skill timers as well as the stage timer. SP cost: 100. CD: 20s.

Herrscher Killer

If Ultimate hits IMG enemies, 150.0% of the DMG a Nihilus Shell takes will be transferred to its Nihilus Seed (reflected by HP loss).

Echoes of Flame Chasers

Ultimate deals 40.0% bonus Total DMG and has 100% bonus Crit Rate.

Immortal Kaslana

Basic Skill
Fight with the lance and the shield. SEQ 1: 150% + 200% ATK of Physical DMG. SEQ 2: 220% ATK of Physical DMG. SEQ 3: 8 x 80% ATK of Physical DMG. Enemies are also gathered briefly. SEQ 4: 300% ATK of Physical DMG. At full ICHOR, hold [ATK] to cast Equinox Severance which triggers 3s of Global Time Fracture and deals 300% + 300% + 200% + 1200% ATK of Physical DMG. Shield Ram: 150% ATK of Physical DMG. Up Thrust: 750% ATK of Physical DMG.

Guardian Angel

In Guardian Form, Ultimate Evasion Skill restores 12 SP.

Chimera's Legacy

Last sequence of Equinox Severance deals 400.0% ATK of bonus Physical DMG.

Original Stigma

Equinox Severance has 40.0% bonus Crit Rate and deals 35.0% bonus Total DMG.