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Honkai 3rdBattlesuitsArgent Knight: Artemis

Argent Knight: Artemis

Argent Knight: Artemis


Herald of Dawn


Leader Bonus: Setting Moon: Team gains 10% Total DMG Multiplier to Charged or Combo ATKs. For teams with characters of 3 different types, attacks gain 12% Elemental DMG.

Crescent Blade
ss1 rank

In burst mode, Valkyrie's Attack Speed increases by 15%.

Herald of Dawn
s3 rank

Team gains 16% Total DMG Multiplier to Charged or Combo ATKs. For teams with characters of 3 different types, attacks gain 18% Elemental DMG.

Jade Moon
ss2 rank

Crescent Shadow's summoning cooldown is reduced to 6.0s.



Passive bonuses apply automatically. Hypothermia: When Crescent Harvest is present, hits from certain skills apply Hypothermia (2 stacks max) to enemies. 1 stack of Hypothermia: Reduce enemy Ignore Interrupt for 10s and inflict minor Rime Trauma; 2 stack of Hypothermia: Reduce enemy Ignore Interrupt & Interrupt, slows their Attack and Move speed by 20% for 6s, and inflict minor Rime Trauma. Inflicting Hypothermia on enemies with 2 stacks will refresh the duration. Hypothermia does not work on enemies in Ice Cell.

Diamond Dust

Gains 50.0% or 80.0% Ice DMG against enemies with Hypothermia or Ice Cell respectively.

Robust Frigidity

Gains 15.0% Total DMG at above 33% and another 15.0% at above 66% HP.

Frost Prison

Enemies trapped in Ice Cell take 24.0% bonus Total DMG (independent effect).

Phantom Dance


Quickly evades enemy attack. Can be performed twice in a row. Immediately launch the 4th sequence of Basic ATK after Ultimate Evasion. Phantom Dance: Summons Crescent Harvest (summoned entity) on the attacker upon Ultimate Evasion, dealing 6x80% ATK of AOE Ice DMG and inflicting Hypothermia; CD: 20s.

Uranian Mirror
s1 rank

Shortens CD of Phantom Dance by 3.0s.

Waning Crescent

Crescent Harvest summoned by Phantom Dance gain 50.0% ATK of Ice DMG for every ATK sequence.

Rimy World
s2 rank

Each Charged ATK boosts Crescent Harvest's Ice DMG by 30.0% for 3s.

Charge: Frost Beam

Special Attack

Tap and hold the [ATK] button during the 5-sequence Basic ATK to remove 2 stacks of Hypothermia to deal massive DMG. Hold [ATK] button during any sequence of Basic ATK to unleash Charged ATK, which deals 100% ATK of AOE Ice DMG, removes 2 stacks (if any) of Hypothermia, seals enemies in Ice Cell, and deals 4x100% ATK of Ice DMG. Enemies will be frozen in Ice Cell and inflicted with 5 Rime Trauma. Normal mode: Each Charged ATK recovers 3 SP upon removing 2 stacks of Hypothermia. Burst mode: Charged ATK shuttles through enemies, deals 2x150% ATK of Ice DMG, and summons Crescent Harvest (summoned entity), which deals 5x125% ATK of Ice DMG with a spinning scythe in the position of the 1st enemy hit. Switch: Enhanced 3rd sequence of Basic ATK dealin 80%+160% ATK of Physical DMG.

Argent Scythe

Charged ATK consumes 2 stacks of Hypothermia to deal multi-stage DMG. Each stage gains 120.0% ATK of Ice DMG.

QTE: Sudden Frost

QTE: Triggered when paralyzing or freezing the enemy, dealing 100% + 150% + 300.0% ATK of Physical DMG. Crescent Harvest deals 3x50% + 400.0% ATK of Ice DMG and applies 1 stack of Hypothermia.

Glacial Armor

When Charged ATK consumes 2 stacks of Hypothermia, gain Glacial Armor that gives a 50% Total DMG Reduction buff for 7.00s.

Rave of Artemis


Enters Burst mode: Gains Glacial Armor, Ignore Interrupt, and 60% Total DMG Reduction. Basic ATKs (BATK) gain Ice DMG, and the last hit of each BATK sequence turns Hypothermia Stack 2 into Ice Cell; Crescent Harvest (summoned entity) assists Rita during BATK and inflicts Hypothermia with ATK sequences 2 and 4. Lunar Burst: During Burst, spend 10 SP to cast Ultimate again to end Burst mode, deal 400% ATK of large AOE Ice DMG, and inflict Ice Cell for 3s (2s for Bosses); enemies are frozen for 5s, inflicted with 10 Rime Trauma, and then return to Hypothermia Stack 2. CD: 6s. Min activation SP: 80. SP consumption: 0-8s: 7 SP/s; 8-16s: 10 SP/s; after 16s: 15 SP/s. Max duration: 24s.

Waxing Moon

Performing the Ultimate heals the character for 600.0 HP.

Frost Cells
sss rank

Lunar Burst deals another 300.0% ATK of Ice DMG. Extends Ice Cell duration by 1.50s (duration against elites or bosses is extended by 1.00s).

Winter Harvest

Burst: 5-sequence Basic ATK and Charged ATK of character / Crescent Harvest gain 60.0%/80.0% Ice DMG (including the multi-stage DMG inflicted by consuming 2 stacks of Hypothermia).

Cold Moon

Basic Attack

5-sequence scythe attack. 1st Sequence: 80% ATK of Physical DMG. 2nd Sequence: 40% + 100% ATK of Physical DMG. 3rd Sequence: 40% + 100% ATK of Physical DMG. 4th Sequence: 2x60% + 160% ATK of Physical DMG; pulls in enemies within a small AOE. 5th Sequence: 150% + 250% ATK of Physical DMG, summons Crescent Harvest (summoned entity) to unleash a hit dealing 150% ATK of Ice DMG. During the 5-sequence Basic ATK, tap the [ATK] immediately after Evasion to continue the sequence.

Frost Scythe

Each strike of the 5-sequence Basic ATK gains 50.0% ATK of Ice DMG.

Crimson Astarte

Hitting enemies not affected by Ice Cell or 2 stacks of Hypothermia with first 4 sequences of Basic ATK summons Crescent Harvest at the enemy's location, striking 1 time to deal 450.0% ATK of AOE Ice DMG and inflict Hypothermia. Summon CD: 6.00s.

Crescent Shadow

When team mates hit enemies with Charged or Combo ATKs, summon Crescent Harvest at the enemy's location, striking 1 time to deal 300.0% ATK of AOE Ice DMG and apply Hypothermia. Summon CD: 12.00s. CD is counted separately from each team mate.

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