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Blood Rose

Blood Rose

Blood Waltz


Leader Bonus: Blood Waltz: All team members' Charged ATKs deal 18% more Total DMG. If the team consists of members of 3 different types, all team members gain 15% Total DMG.

Blood Waltz

Charged ATKs of the team gain 18% Total DMG Multiplier. For teams with characters of different types, attacks gain 15% Total DMG Multiplier.



Passive bonuses apply automatically.

Burning Blood

Basic ATKs or Blood Wrath ATK against ignited enemies additionally deals 160.0% ATK of Fire DMG.

Warding Blood

When HP is below 66%, gain 30.0% Total DMG Multiplier, take 35.0% less Physical DMG, and increase Ignore Interrupt.

Purifying Blood
sss rank

When HP is below 50%, take 67% less elemental DMG, shorten the durations of most debuffs, and extends the duration of ignite by 50%.

Blood Bravura


Sideways dodge to evade enemy attacks. Can be triggered 2 times in a row. Crimson Charge: Unleashes a Charged Combo instantly after Ultimate Evasion. Macropyre: Creates an explosion centered on the attacker, dealing 200% ATK of Fire DMG. CD: 15s.

Blood Concerto

Shortens CD of Macropyre by 4.0s.

Blood Aria

Generates a fire ring when Macropyre is triggered, dealing 127 Fire DMG every 0.3s. The fire ring lasts for 6.0s.

Blood Serenade
ss rank

Macropyre ignites enemies dealing 30% ATK of Fire DMG per 0.5s for 10s and inflicting 5 Ignite Trauma.

Blood Pirouette

Special Attack

During evasion, unleash a horizontal sweep attack at the enemy. Riposte: Tap the [ATK] button while evading to unleash a spinning slash, dealing 200% ATK of Physical DMG. CD: 5s. If spinning slash hits the enemy, gain 5 SP to self. After spinning slash, tap the [ATK] button when the flashing circle appears on the character to directly unleash a charged attack. Sprint ATK: Tap the [ATK] button while sprinting to unleash a large AOE horizontal sweep that deals 400.0% ATK of Physical DMG.

Switch: Downward Step

Switch entry unleashes a Windmill Cleave, dealing 400%+50% ATK of Physical DMG.

Igniting Axel

Riposte has a 75.0% chance to ignite the enemy for 10s, dealing 30% ATK of Fire DMG every 0.5s and inflicting 5 Ignite Trauma.

QTE: Burning Windmills

QTE: Triggers when enemy is stunned. Unleashes a powerful Windmill Cleave, dealing 250%+301% ATK of Physical DMG and generating a flame burst that deals 115% AOE Fire DMG.

Blood Wrath


Activates burst mode: Blood Wrath which costs an increasing percentage of HP per second to maintain. Tap [ULT] again or switch out to end burst mode. Vehement Flame: Consumes 30 SP to enter burst mode. Tap [ATK] to directly unleash Charged ATKs. 1st Sequence: 340% ATK of Physical + 310% ATK of Fire DMG; 2nd Sequence: 260% ATK of Physical + 240% ATK of Fire DMG; 3rd Sequence: 300% ATK of Physical + 250% ATK of Fire DMG; mid-air slash: 2x100% ATK of Physical DMG + 2x180% ATK of Fire DMG; Last Hit: (380%+50%) ATK of Physical DMG + (320%+50%) ATK of Fire DMG. Activation costs 30 SP, deals 200% ATK of AOE Fire DMG, ignites enemies for 10s dealing 30% ATK of Fire DMG per 0.5s and inflicts 6 Ignite Trauma. Blood Philter: Blood Rose gains 40% Total DMG Reduction and immunity to Stun, Paralyze, and Freeze. Activating Blood Wrath grants a barrier that blocks the next incoming attack.

Blood Boost

Increases Attack Speed by 50.0% and Move Speed by 25.0% when Blood Wrath is active.

Blood Rondeau

During Blood Wrath, tap the [ATK] button during Windmill Cleave to increase the number of strikes up to 5 times. Each Windmill Cleave strike also deals an increased 80.0% ATK of Physical and Fire DMG.

Blood Curse
ss rank

When Blood Wrath is active and HP is below 50%, gain 30.0% Crit Rate and 30.0% Fire DMG.

Charge: Blooded Claymore

Basic Attack

Basic ATK: Uncharged: 3-sequence Zweihänder Fechten. Charging unleashes an empowered ATK sequence. Charged ATK Sequence: The 3-sequence attack is followed by an aerial Windmill Cleave with increased Ignore Interrupt during the attack. Basic ATK: 150%+180%+220% ATK of Physical DMG Charged ATK: 250%+160%+200% ATK of Physical DMG Windmill Cleave: 140%+140%+400% ATK of Physical DMG

Burning Passion

Every hit from Basic or Charged ATK deals an additional 100.0% Fire DMG.

Blood Symphony
ss rank

When taking a hit during Charged ATK or Blood Wrath, ignite the attacker for 10s dealing 30% ATK of Fire DMG every 0.5s and inflicting 5 Ignite Trauma.

Undying Rage
ss rank

Upon ending Blood Wrath, recover 24.99% HP of the HP cost of the Ultimate.

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