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Fallen Rosemary

Fallen Rosemary


Tonight or Never


Leader Bonus: Tonight or Never: Team deals 25.0% bonus Total DMG if formed by battlesuits of 3 different types. For the team, Combo, Charged ATKs, and Ultimates deal 20.0% bonus Lightning DMG.

Secluded Courtyard
s2 rank

Enemies within Stain of Trickery take 20.0% bonus Total DMG from Fallen Rosemary (independent effect).

Tonight or Never
s3 rank

Team deals 25.0% bonus Total DMG if formed by battlesuits of 3 different types. For the team, Combo, Charged ATKs, and Ultimates deal 20.0% bonus Lightning DMG.

Deadly Caress
ss2 rank

After casting Ultimate, Fallen Rosemary restores 1.0 SP and 45.0 Disir per second for 10.0s. Triggering it again resets the duration.

Unbound Flyting


Passive bonuses apply automatically. Fallen Rosemary can charge her strength on standby when her teammates are fighting.

Well of Urd

Combo and Charged ATKs from teammates restore 65 Disir and 12 SP for Fallen Rosemary. CD: 5s.

Clairvoyant Night
ss rank

Entering Valfreyja Form restores 10 Disir per 0.2s for 2s. Can only be triggered once every battle.

Vapor of Souls

In Valfreyja Form, Fallen Rosemary deals 30.0% bonus Total DMG and takes 25.0% less Total DMG.

Night Seeress


Quickly evades enemy attack. Can be performed twice in a row. Evasions deal 2x40% ATK of Lightning DMG and conjure Strick in Valfreyja Form. Evasion ATKs conjure Strix to strike on hit, dealing 6x50% ATK of Lightning DMG inflicting 6 Paralyze Trauma, and siphoning 24 Disir in total. Strix needs 8s to recharge for the next strike. Ultimate Evasions trigger Night Seeress, which creates a 3s global Time Fracture, fully recharges Strix, and conjures Strix to strike enemies with lightning (Strix enters recharging afterwards). CD: 15s. Upon Ultimate Evasion or when Strix is fully recharged in Valfreyja Form, Evasion ATKs can be connected into Basic ATK 4th sequence on hit.

Water of Hel

Night Seeress's CD is reduced by 4.0s.

Long Darkness

Strix recharge takes 3.0s less time.

QTE: Ash of Hekla

Triggered by knocked-airborne or ignited enemies. Fallen Rosemary enters in Valfreyja Form, triggers a 3s global Time Fracture, and conjures Garmr to attack, dealing 800% ATK of Lightning DMG and additionally restoring 50.0 Disir on hit.

God Eater

Special Attack

Valfreyja Form enabled more powerful Charged ATKs. At 100 Disir, hold [ATK] to cast God Hunter. At 200 Disir, hold [ATK] to cast God Devourer. God Hunter: Conjure Garmr to attack enemies nearby, dealing 600% ATK of Lightning DMG. God Devourer: Garmr creates Stain of Trickery, making enemies in range take 18% bonus Lightning DMG for 20s. Casting God Eater grants temporary invincibility, gathers enemies nearby, and resets Valfreyja Form duration.

Bite of the Serpent

Charged ATKs deal 30.0% bonus Total DMG, Paralyze enemies hit for 5s, and inflict 10 Paralyze Trauma.

Feast on the Damned

When Stain of Trickery forms, every Rune present enhances its strength and makes enemies in range take 5.0% bonus Lightning DMG.

Gorging Spirits
s1 rank

Casting Charged ATKs boost team Elemental DMG by 35.0% for 20s.



Lift the Trickster's seal for a mighty blow. Unleash the Trickster sealed within the lantern. After a short channeling, the Tickerster unleashes a powerful AOE attack, dealing 1200% ATK of Lightning DMG, triggering a 1s global Time Fracture, and inflicting Quantum Implosion on QUA enemies. SP cost: 100. CD: 20s.

Free from Franangr

When unleashed, the Trickster devours all Runes present, and for every Run devoured, the Trickster deals 500.0% ATK of bonus Lightning DMG.

Dark Edda
sss rank

With Stain of Trickery present, the unleashed Trickster deals 30.0% bonus Total DMG.

Vaettir Mistress

Basic Attack

Attack with the scythe and siphon enemy souls to enhance self. 1st Sequence: 30% ATK of Physical DMG + 40% ATK of Lightning DMG and 3 Disir regen on hit. 2nd Sequence: 90% ATK of Physical DMG + 90% ATK of Lightning DMG and 9 Disir regen in total on hit. 3rd Sequence: 80% ATK of Physical DMG + 105% ATK of Lightning DMG and 8 Disir regen in total on hit. 4th Sequence: 120% ATK of Lightning DMG and 28 Disir regen in total on hit. 5th Sequence: 160% ATK of Physical DMG + 170% ATK of Lightning DMG and 12 Disir regen in total on hit. At 100 Disir, hold [ATK] to consume 100 Disir, perform Charged ATK dealing 400$ ATK of Lightning DMG, and enter Valfreyja Form. In Valfreyja Form, basic ATK 3rd sequence conjures Garmr to attack dealing 350% ATK of Lightning DMG, inflicting 3 Paralyze Trauma, and restoring 10 Disir on hit. 4th sequence conjures Linnorm to attack dealing 420% ATK of Lightning DMG with inflicting 4 Paralyze Trauma, and restoring 48 Disir in total on hit.


On hit, Garmr creates Ulf Rune: Enemies near Fallen Rosemary take 15.0% bonus Lightning DMG, become Weakened, deal 30.0% less damage, and suffer from reduced Interrupt for 15s. (Garmr can be conjured by the 3rd sequence of Basic ATK in Valfreyja Form and QTE.)


On hit, Linnorm creates Ormr Rune: Enemies near Fallen Rosemary are struck by lightning, and take 50.0% ATK of Lightning DMG per second for 15s.


On hit, Strix creates Strix Rune: Team deals 15.0% bonus Lightning DMG and restores 0.5 SP per second for 15s.

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