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Starry Impression

Starry Impression


Self-Portrait: Stars


Leader Bonus Leader Skill: Team deals 24.0% bonus Physical DMG to bleeding enemies and starts battle with 55.0 bonus initial SP. In Open World, the initial SP bonus takes effect once every 10 mins.

Self-Portrait: Stars

Team deals 24.0% bonus Physical DMG to bleeding enemies and starts battle with 55.0 bonus initial SP. In Open World, the initial SP bonus takes effect once every 10 mins.

Impression, Ciel Étoilé


Passive bonuses apply automatically. Gain paints through fighting. They have 3 colors and the default paint is red. Tap [ATK] and hit an enemy to gain a paint of the current color. Tap [ULT] to switch colors and hit an enemy to gain a paint of the new color. Gaining a paint grants a corresponding Mixing buff for 20s (gaining it again refreshes the durations). [Mixing: Red]: Deal 20% bonus Total DMG to shield-broken or unshielded enemies. [Mixing: Yellow]: Take 15% less Total DMG. [Mixing: Blue]: Bleeding inflicted by her deals 35% bonus Physical DMG. Stop gaining paints or Mixing buffs at the max number of paints.

Ms. Fairy is Smiling
s rank

Combo ATK that consumes multiple same colors deals additional Physical DMG based on her ATK. If this color has the highest count that is over 1, each of it deals 250.0% bonus Physical DMG. This DMG counts as bleeding DMG.

Mr. Knight is Climbing

Deal 40.0% bonus Total DMG and 40.0% bonus bleeding DMG to BIO-type enemies. BIO-type enemies take 10.0% bonus Total DMG from the team.

Ms. Moon is Resting
s rank

Start battle with 40.0 bonus initial SP. Triggered once every 10 mins in Open World.

The Birth of the Depicter


Quickly dodge enemy attacks. Can be performed twice in a row. Ultimate Evasion Skill: Causes Global Time Fracture for 2s (CD: 15s).

Girl with Gray Feather in Hair

Ultimate Evasion Skill grants Prismatic Bubble and can be connected into Basic ATK SEQ 3.

Combo: Knight Blowing Bubbles

Special Attack

Attack together with Mr. Knight Combo ATK is dictated by the number and color of the paints it consumes: If she does not have the max number of paints or paints of all 3 colors, Mr. Knight will consume all paints to knock enemies airborne and deal 400% ATK of Physical DMG. If she has the max number of paints that contain all 3 colors, Mr. Knight will consume all paints to smite enemies and deal 650% ATK of Physical DMG. Casting Combo ATK grants a Prismatic Bubble buff for 10s. Prismatic Bubble: Negates incoming DMG once. Deals 100% ATK of Physical DMG to nearby enemies on blocking, expiry, or being triggered again.

Golden Rye Field
s rank

Restores additional SP after casting Combo ATK according to the colors it consumed. For every 1/2/3 different colors consumed, restore 4.0/8.0/16.0 SP.

Airy Water Lily
sss rank

Can stack Prismatic Bubble 2 times. Within 10s of triggering Prismatic Bubble, increases Ignore Interrupt and reduces incoming Total DMG by 30%.

Coal-Black Crow

Gain 3 different colors on first entry.

Neverland Genesis


Exhibit a painting that materializes and attacks upon auto-completion Casting Ultimate causes Global Time Fracture for 2s. Teammates on the field can inflict 2 Bleed Trauma (CD: 2s). Ultimate lasts 18s, during which the number of paints is capped at 5. When Ultimate has 8s left, deal 500% ATK of Physical DMG in an area. During Ultimate, her exit refreshes the duration of Mixing buffs and grants teammates the same Mixing buffs. SP cost: 75. CD: 20s.

Moonlit Night on the River
s rank

Ultimate's AoE DMG deals 500.0% ATK of Physical DMG to bleeding enemies. Each stack of bleeding increases the multiplier by 300.0%, up to a maximum of 2,000.0%. This DMG counts as bleeding DMG.

Girl in a Dream

Team enters Traced state during Ultimate. It enables them to stack bleeding on enemies 4 more times, and each stack makes bleeding deal another 15% ATK of Physical DMG per 0.5s. After casting Ultimate, inflict 6.0 Bleed Trauma on all enemies.

Dove Carrying Branch
s rank

During Ultimate, bleeding inflicted by her deals 50.0% bonus Total DMG.

The Painter and The Knight

Basic Attack

Fight using a paintbrush and with the help of Mr. Knight. SEQ 1: Deals 80% ATK of Physical DMG. SEQ 2: Deals 100% ATK of Physical DMG. SEQ 3: Deals 120% ATK of Physical DMG. SEQ 4: Deals 80% + 80% ATK of Physical DMG. SEQ 5: Deals 180% ATK of Physical DMG.

QTE - Windmills

QTE: Triggered when an enemy is Time-Slowed or bleeding (refreshing included). Deals 140.0% x 7 ATK of Physical DMG, restores 6.0 SP to the team, grants 3 different colors, and reduces switch CD to 4s.

ss rank

On landing Basic ATK SEQ 3 & 5, increases Physical DMG by 35.0% for 6.0s. Triggering it again refreshes the duration.

The Starry Moonlit Night

SP Skill

Mr. Knight's sword causes bleeding. All attacks aided by Mr. Knight inflict Bleed Trauma. All enemies enter Dyed state during Ultimate. Dyed enemies suffer bleeding debuffs from the inflictor of the Dyed state.

Sleeping White Peony
s rank

Shield-broken or unshielded enemies take 8.0% bonus Physical DMG while bleeding.

Whispering Iris
ss rank

Bleeding also deals 6.0 DMG to shields that only take fixed DMG.

Sunflowers in Bloom
sss rank

When the team hits bleeding enemies, each stack of bleeding increases Crit Rate by 3.0% and increases her Physical DMG by 3.0%.

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