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Herrscher of Sentience

Herrscher of Sentience


Alliteration is an Agony


Leader Bonus: Team deals 26% Crit DMG in burst mode. For every BIO battlesuit on the team, team has 4% bonus Crit Rate.

Alliteration is an Agony
s2 rank

Team deals 30.0% Crit DMG in burst mode. For every BIO battlesuit on the team, team has 6.0% bonus Crit Rate.

Ace Arsenal


Passive bonuses apply automatically. Every weapon has an independent gauge of kinetic energy that starts at 300 and maxes at 300. Recovery:The weapon in use restores 3 points every 0.1s.Weapons not in use restore 1 point every 0.1s.Sword & spear: Every hit of Basic ATK restores 9 points. Chain blades: every hit of Basic ATK restores 12 points. All weapons restore 300 points when Herrscher form ends. Certain attacks inflict coma on enemies. Enemies in a coma are immobilized and take 200% ATK of Physical DMG when the coma ends.

Innate Invulnerability

Combo ATKs grant Shield: I'm Untouchable to all unshielded team members. Shield HP equals 30% of Valkyrie's max HP. The shield grants 50% DMG Reduction, moderate Ignore Interrupt, and boosts team Crit DMG by 30.0%. Subsequent procs refresh the shield. CD: 12s.

Stellar Start
sss rank

Valkyrie has 20.0 bonus initial SP. Can only be triggered once every 10 minutes in Open World.

Against All Authority

When Valkyrie sends an enemy into coma, they take 15.0% bonus Physical DMG from her for 15s (independent effect). In addition, when she impairs enemies with her own skills, they take 15.0% bonus Physical DMG while the Impair lasts (independent effect; mutually exclusive with Night Squire's skill Authority).

A Wraith without Trace


Quickly dodge enemy attacks. Can be performed twice in a row. Ultimate Evasion triggers 2.5s of global Time Fracture. Base CD: 20s. Minimum CD: 16s. Evasions create an Illusion: Hit Me! lasting 3s which taunts enemies and explodes when hit or expired. The explosion deals 400% ATK of Physical DMG and procs Ultimate Evasion skill on hit. Only one illusion can exist and they cannot be created while Ultimate Evasion skill is in cooldown. In non-Herrscher form, Valkyrie begins sword riding after running for a duration and deals 50% ATK of Physical DMG per 0.5s to enemies nearby. Weapon switch ATKs are disabled while sword riding. Tap [ATK] to deal 150% ATK of Physical DMG and end sword riding.

Blown away with a Big Bang

Illusions can be detonated by Valkyrie attacks.

The Wicked Will never Win
ss3 rank

Illusion explosions deal 400.0% ATK of bonus Physical DMG.

Fluffy and Florescent

When illusions explode, they drop a black plume on hit. Pick it up to restore 150.0 HP and 15.0 SP for all team members.

Combo: Transcendence of Trinity

Special Attack

Hold [ATK] to perform enhanced attacks. Consume full kinetic energy of the current weapon to perform Combo ATK. Sword: Gather and Time-Lock enemies to smite them dealing 1390% ATK of Physical DMG. Spear: Hurl the spear to gather and strike enemies before blinking over to follow up dealing 820% ATK of Physical DMG. Chain blades: Launch AOE attacks dealing 850% ATK of Physical DMG and inflicting 1.2s of coma on enemies.

Riding the Blade Waves

Every weapon switch or QTE grants 5s of Psyched status where the next Combo ATK restores 5.0 bonus SP and removes the status.

Spear Stands for Strength

Spear Combo ATKs impair enemies and reduce their DEF by 50% for 15.0s.

Mercy Means Meekness
ss rank

In Psyched status, Combo ATKs restore 2 bonus SP and have special effects:Sword: The 2nd sequence inflicts 0.5s of coma on enemies hit. Spear: The 1st sequence Time Locks enemies for 1s on hit. Chain blades: Attacks impair enemies and reduce their DEF by 50% for 15s.

A Worldful of Woes


Enter Herrscher form and use the weapon case to attack. Hold [ULT] to enter Herrscher form, create an illusive space, and launch spiritual attacks on enemies in a large area, dealing 1800% ATK of Physical DMG. This attack has 40% bonus Crit Rate and temporarily suspends all skill timers (for self and enemies) and the stage timer. In Herrscher form (burst mode), all enemies are impaired and have 75% less DEF, while Valkyrie has improved Ignore Interrupt and 40% Total DMG Reduction for 15s.Tap [ATK] repeatedly to perform a 3-sequence combo dealing 1120% ATK of Physical DMG. Hold [ATK] to perform Combo ATK: Slashes dealing Nx105% + (800% + Nx50%) ATK of Physical DMG. Spam or hold [ATK] to increase slashes (max: 10). Every slash boosts self Total DMG by 2% until the Combo ATK ends. Tap [ULT] to launch special ATK: Illusive Cataclysm, gathering enemies in a large area and dealing 350% ATK of Physical DMG. CD: 8s. The cataclysm lasts until the end of Herrscher form and enemies on it will not be knocked back. SP cost: 125.

A Leaf for Lifeboat

In Herrscher form, Valkyrie deals 60.0% bonus Crit DMG.

Warden of the World

In Herrscher form, attacks from teammates summon a plume attack from HoS on hit, dealing 180.0% ATK of Physical DMG. CD: 0.5s. 15 procs max.

Votive in Vain

Using Ultimate or special ATK triggers a shield. Special ATK additionally inflicts 1.0s of coma on hit.

Trial of Trinity

Basic Attack

Use the sword/spear/chain blades to attack. Sword: 4 sequences dealing 810% ATK of Physical DMG. Spear: 5 sequences dealing 775% ATK of Physical DMG. The 2nd & 5th sequences gather enemies. Chain blades: 3 sequences dealing 750% ATK of Physical DMG. Tap [ULT] to switch weapon and perform weapon switch attack. Sword to spear: Connect into the 2nd sequence of spear Basic ATK. Spear to chain blades: 160% ATK of Physical DMG. Chain blades to sword: 160% ATK of Physical DMG.

The Best of Both Worlds

Upon entry or exit, Valkyrie deals 30.0% bonus Total DMG for 15s.

The World Is Never Enough

In non-Herrscher form, attacks restore 2.0 SP and 30.0 kinetic energy for all weapons on hit. Only procs once every 5s for every weapon.

QTE: Always Here, Always Ready

Triggered by Time-Slowed enemies in non-Herrscher form to launch spear attacks dealing 400.0% + 800.0% ATK of Physical DMG and restoring 300 spear energy.

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