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Ward of Boreas


Leader Bonus: Ward of Boreas: Team takes 20% less Melee Physical DMG. PSY-type character gains 14% Total DMG Multiplier.

Ward of Boreas

Team receives 20% less Melee Physical DMG. PSY-type battlesuits gains 14% Total DMG.



Passive bonuses apply automatically. Threshold: Starts at 200 (max 600).

Merciless Pursuit
s rank

Team attacks against move slow, attack slow, or frozen enemies deal 30.0% more Ice DMG.

White Heat
ss rank

When Combo Hit Count exceeds 20, character gains 20.0% Total DMG Multiplier.

Frost Touch


Roll evasion. Can be performed 2 times in a row. Ultimate Evasion generates a 4x25% ATK of AOE Ice DMG centered on the enemy and restores 50 Threshold. Frost Touch: Additionally gains 100 Threshold; tap [ATK] right after Ultimate Evasion to unleash a Windmill Cleave that deals 50%+100% ATK of Ice DMG, freezes the target for 5s and inflicts 5 Rime Trauma. CD: 15s.

Ice Dust
s rank

After triggering Frost Touch by Ultimate evasionsion, the AOE downward hew attack gains 200% ATK of Ice DMG.

Polar Current
s rank

Shortens CD of Frost Touch by 8.0s. Every hit of Evade Slash deals 50% ATK of Ice DMG instead.

Charge ATK: Fight for Survival

Special Attack

Tap and hold to charge to unleash an upward slash that deals 200% ATK of Physical DMG at full charge and 100% ATK of Physical DMG otherwise. When Threshold is at least 200, Charged ATK instantly spends 50 Threshold to activate Threshold mode. Threshold Mode: Consumes 20 Threshold every 0.5s, and ends at 0 Threshold or by ending the 4-sequence Basic ATK. Under Threshold Mode: Each attack move unleashes 3 Threshold Sword Ki that deals 50% ATK of Ice DMG per hit and slows enemy Attack Speed by 40% for 4s.

Switch: Ice Breaker

Switch entry unleashes a downward cleave, knocking down enemies within the AOE and dealing 250%+100% ATK of Physical DMG.

QTE: Avalanche

QTE: Triggers when an enemy is ignited to deal 225% ATK of Physical DMG + 200%+250% ATK of Ice DMG, freezes the target enemies for 5s, inflicts 10 Rime Trauma, and restores 200 Threshold.


Once Threshold Mode has been active for 2s, character deals 50.0% more Ice DMG. Effect lasts until 4s after Threshold Mode ends.

Frost Cyclone


Unleashes mighty cleaves with the power of frost to deal massive Ice DMG. Unleash 3 freezing sword ki dealing 3x200% ATK of Ice DMG, then dash to the target to unleash a 3-hit windmill hew that deals 150% ATK of Physical DMG + 50% ATK of Ice DMG per hit. Final downward hew deals 300%+200% ATK of Physical DMG plus 150%+300% ATK of Ice DMG, freezes enemies in a large area for 5s, and inflicts 5 Rime Trauma. After dealing the final hit, character restores 200 Threshold. SP cost: 100


Each hit of Ultimate additionally deals 100% ATK of Ice DMG.

Frozen Heart
ss rank

Final hit of Ultimate restores 600.0 Threshold instead.

sss rank

Ultimate inflicts 5 Rime Trauma and when it ends, it slows enemy Attack Speed by 40% for 6.00s.

Subzero Cleaver

Basic Attack

Basic ATK: 4-sequence Zweihänder Melee Fechten. 1st Sequence: 200% ATK of Physical DMG. 2nd Sequence: 200% ATK of Physical DMG. 3rd Sequence: 150%+50% ATK of Physical DMG. 4th Sequence: 250% ATK of Physical DMG. Does not enter charge phase when performing the 4-sequence Basic ATK. Sprint ATK: When sprinting, tap the [ATK] button for a large AOE sweep, dealing 450% ATK of Physical DMG. Hitting an enemy with the 4-sequence Basic ATK or Sprint ATK restores 30 Threshold.

Cold Edge

In Threshold Mode, Valkyrie has immunity to stun, paralyze, and freeze, and takes 40.0% less total DMG. The Attack Speed slowing effect inflicted by Threshold Sword Ki is extended to 6.00s. Threshold Sword Ki from 3rd sequence of Basic ATK freezes enemies for 5s and inflicts 10 Rime Trauma. CD: 8s.

Subzero Fechten

Each hit of the 4-sequence slash gains 100% ATK of Ice DMG.

Icy Frost
s rank

Each hit of the 4-sequence Basic ATK and Spring ATK restores 60.0 Threshold instead. Each hit of blade wave unleashed under Threshold Mode additionally deals 70% ATK of Ice DMG.

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