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Lightning Empress

Lightning Empress

Haunted Night


Leader Bonus: Haunted Night: Battlesuits have 70 bonus SP upon entrance. For a team of 3 PSY-type battlesuits, Valkyrie attacks deal 26% bonus Total DMG. In Open World, starting SP bonus can only be triggered once every 10min, and Valkyrie attacks deal 10% bonus Total DMG instead.

Haunted Night
ss rank

Team starts with 70 more initial SP in combat. A team formed by 3 PSY-type battlesuits gains 26% Total DMG. In Open World, initial SP bonus triggers once every 10 minutes, and the team gains 10% Total DMG.

Passive Skill


Character automatically gain passive bonuses.

Dragon's Aura

Gain 100.0% to Total DMG Multiplier when attacking frozen and slowed enemies.

Thunder Cloud
ss rank

When hit, there is a 20.0% chance to paralyze the attacker and nearby enemies for 5s and inflict 3 Paralyze Trauma.

Sundered Shackles
ss rank

Combo ATK has a 8.00% chance to apply conductive debuff of Soul Razor on the enemy.

Lightning Speed


Quick dash to evade enemy attacks. Can be performed twice in a row. Lightning Dodge: Triggers upon an Ultimate Evasion and lasts 5s, during which the Valkyrie takes 15% less Physical DMG and significantly gains Ignore Interrupt. Asura's Roar: Triggers upon an Ultimate Evasion and lasts 5s, during which the attacker is paralyzed, inflicted 3 Paralyze Trauma, and the Valkyrie takes 15% less Physical DMG and 80% less Lightning DMG; CD: 10s.


Triggers a lightning field upon Ultimate Evasion, dealing 85.0% ATK of Lightning DMG to enemies within it every 0.5s for 5.0s.

Blinding Flash

Paralyze Trauma triggered by Ultimate Evasion increases by 5.0.

Gigavolt Spin

Special Attack

Fulminating Zone. Raiden Slash: 80%x4 ATK of Lightning DMG.

Switch: Falling Thunder

Switch entry unleashes Falling Thunder, dealing 250.0% ATK of Lightning DMG to surrounding enemies.

Doppel Raiden

Tap the [ATK] button after Ultimate Evasion to unleash Gigavolt Spin. Gigavolt Spin can be triggered 1 more time to deal 80.0%x4 ATK of Lightning DMG.

It Strikes Twice
ss rank

Gigavolt Spin can be triggered 1 more time (must unlock Doppel Raiden first), dealing 80.0%x4 ATK of Lightning DMG.

Dragon May Cry


Unleashes the powers of Thor, damaging all enemies within a large area. Thor's Slash: Large AOE attack that deals 900% ATK of Physical DMG and 900% ATK of Lightning DMG. SP Cost: 125

QTE: Sakura Vortex

QTE: Triggers when enemy is knocked airborne. Deals 6x50.0% ATK of Physical DMG + 6x50.0% ATK of Lightning DMG against enemies within a large AOE. Restores 10 SP for the Valkyrie.

SHIN: Ohka Fall

The last strike of the Ultimate deals 119 bonus Lightning DMG per Combo Hit Count (limit: 100 hits).

I'm Mei

The last hit paralyzes all enemies for 5s, inflicts 5 Paralyze Trauma, and boosts Valkyrie's Lightning DMG by 40% for 7s.


Basic Attack

Swift penta-slash with a 2% chance of paralyzing the target for 5s and inflicting 10 Paralyze Trauma. 1st Sequence: 100% ATK of Physical DMG. 2nd Sequence: 120% ATK of Physical DMG. 3rd Sequence: 75% ATK of Physical DMG. 4th Sequence: 80% ATK of Physical DMG. 5th Sequence: 250% ATK of AOE Physical DMG.

Thunder Edge

Every Basic ATK sequence additionally deals 40.0% ATK of Lightning DMG.

Soul Razor

Basic ATKs have a 40.0% chance to render enemies conductive for 6.0s, during which they take 70.0% bonus Lightning DMG. The 1st non-conductive enemy hit by the 5th sequence of Basic ATK will definitely become conductive.

Relentless Slash EX

Increases Attack Speed by 25.0% when Combo Hit Count exceeds 30.

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