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Phantom Iron

Phantom Iron

Ex Machina


Leader Bonus: Ex Machina: Team takes 15.0% less Elemental DMG. MECH-type characters: Basic ATK gains 12.0% Total DMG Multiplier.

Ex Machina
s rank

Team takes 30.0% less Elemental DMG. Basic ATKs (including Charged ATKs and Combo ATKs) of MECH-type battlesuits deal 21.0% more Total DMG.

Super Discharge


Character automatically gain passive bonuses. Load: Starts at zero (0). Maxes out at 200. Supercharged: Gain 30% Move Speed but Load increases by 25/s. Max Load (200): Becomes Depleted, with Move Speed becoming 20% slower. Depleted: Load decreases by 15/s until zero (0).

Total Sterilization
ss rank

Character attacks against Paralyzed or Ignited enemies gain 20.0% Total DMG Multiplier.

Pattern Recognition
s rank

Team gains 15.0% Elemental DMG when attacking enemies with active shields.

Hostile EWS

Depleted: Load reduces by another 10.0 per 0.4s when there are nearby enemies.

Lightning Reflex


Quickly evade enemy attacks. Can be performed twice in a row. Upon Ultimate Evasion, reduce 30 Load and gains 40% Move Speed for 3s. Lightning Reflex: Upon Ultimate Evasion, deals 300% ATK of Lightning DMG against the attacker and nearby enemies, paralyzes them for 5s, and inflict 5 Paralyze Trauma; reduces 80 Load; immediately tap [ATK] to directly unleash the 4th Sequence of Basic ATK. CD: 15s.

EM Cape
ss rank

Lightning Reflex CD shortened by 4.0s.

EMP Blast

Lightning Reflex AOE attack deals 600.0% ATK of Lightning DMG.

Reflex Arc Augments

Lightning Reflex reduces Load by 150.0.

Charge: Lightning Phantom

Special Attack

Hold [ATK] during the 5-sequence Basic ATK to shuttle through the enemy and enter Supercharged mode. Charged ATK: Shuttles through the target, dealing 4x150% ATK of Lightning DMG, then enters Supercharged state. Supercharged state: 5-sequence Basic ATK deals Lightning DMG instead (same amount).

Extrasensory Intuition
s rank

Supercharged: Every enemy kill lowers Load by 119

QTE: Mental Torrent

QTE: Triggered when enemy is in Time Slow to deal 60%+240% ATK of Physical + 2x300.0% ATK of AOE Lightning DMG and knock enemies airborne. Can be connected into the 5th Sequence of Basic ATK. Enemies hit by QTE are paralyzed. CD: 10s.


Supercharged: Character deals 30.0% more Lightning DMG.

Stalker Carbon


Deploys Stalker Carbon (summoned entity) for 24s (no recast during this time). Special moves release a Neurotoxin that inflicts Psycho on teammates and enemies. Affected enemies: Deal +10% Elemental DMG, but have reduced Ignore Interrupt and take 10% more Total DMG from hits. Affected teammates: Deal +15% Elemental DMG and gain Ignore Interrupt, but take 15% more Total DMG from hits. CD: 18s. Min. SP: 35. Stalker Carbon consumes SP faster over time, lowers SP regen from attacks by 50%, and exits 3s after SP is depleted.

Command: Kill
s rank

Attacks of Stalker Carbon deal 50.0% more Lightning DMG.

Command: Frenzy
s rank

Psycho teammates: Elemental DMG bonus is raised to 30.0%, but suffer 30.0% Total DMG Multiplier from hits taken.

Command: Sync

When Stalker Carbon is active, character gains 60.0% Total DMG Multiplier.

Iron Storm

Basic Attack

5-sequence scythe sweeps. 1st Sequence: 80% ATK of Physical DMG. 2nd Sequence: 40% + 100% ATK of Physical DMG. 3rd Sequence: 40% + 100% ATK of Physical DMG. 4th Sequence: 50% + 120% + 150% ATK of Physical DMG. 5th Sequence: 4x40% + 200% ATK of Physical DMG.

Rave of Carnage
sss rank

Supercharged: Gains Ignore Interrupt; 5-sequence Basic ATK gains 60.0% ATK of Lightning DMG and each sequence inflicts minor Parayze Trauma; takes 30.0% less Physical and Elemental DMG.

Spark Discharge

Any hit from the 5-sequence Basic ATK has a 10.0% chance to deal 60.0% more ATK of Lightning DMG.

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