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Shadow Dash

Shadow Dash

Phantom Outbreak


Leader Bonus: Phantom Outbreak: Characters of the team gain 21% Crit Rate when whole above 80% HP.

Phantom Outbreak
s rank

Characters in the team gain 21% Crit Rate when HP is higher than 80%.

Passive Skill


Character receives boost from passive skills automatically.


Gain 60% Total DMG Multiplier when attacking an enemy from the side or from behind.

Shadow Aura
s rank

Increases physical and elemental damage done to stunned, paralyzed, and enemies slowed by Time Slow by 30.0%.

Ultimate Energy
sss rank

Gain 25.0 Max SP in battle. Tsukuyomi costs 10 more SP, but number of ultimate illusions generated is increased to 3 (must unlock Shadow Army first).



Quick dash to evade enemy attacks. Body Clone: Triggers upon an Ultimate Evasion, summoning an illusion to fight. Illusion has 25% of the character's ATK and lasts 5s. CD: 10s. Only 1 illusion can exist at a time.

Keen Edge

Tap the [ATK] button after evasion to unleash Speed Fatale. Speed Fatale gains 70% for 1.5s upon evasion. CD: 4.0s.

Ghost Image

Illusion generated by successful evasion has ATK equal to 60% of character's ATK. Duration extended to 7.0s.

Shadow Razor
s rank

Ultimate Evasion effects can be triggered 1 more time(s). CD is decreased by 1.5s.

Combo Skill: Speed Fatale

Special Attack

Dashes to enemy and knocks it airborne. Charging Cut: 180% ATK of Physical DMG and knocks enemies airborne.

Switch: Shadowless Blade

Switch entry unleashes an upward slash, dealing 180% ATK of Physical DMG, and deals an additional 250%x2 ATK of Physical DMG to enemies knocked airborne.

QTE: Shadow Blade

Triggers QTE when enemy is stunned, dealing 220% + 4x160% ATK of Physical DMG.

Crescent Spin

Unleashes a sweeping strike when tapping the [ATK] button after triggering combo and switch attacks, dealing 70% ATK x4 of AOE Physical DMG.



Summons an Ultimate Illusion to fight for you. The Illusion specs: 50% of the character HP, 100% of character ATK and CRT, and immunity to Physical DMG; loses 10% of its max HP per second. SP Cost: 75

Sakura Shuriken

Ultimate illusion explodes when it disappears, dealing 300.0% ATK of Physical DMG to nearby enemies, paralyzing them for 5s and inflicting 6 Paralyze Trauma.

Shadow Mantra

Increases max HP of ultimate illusion to 80.0% of the character's max HP. Decreases HP consumption per second to 7.0% of the max HP.

Shadow Army
ss rank

Increases the number of ultimate illusions to 2 but decreases their ATK to 50% of the character's ATK.


Basic Attack

AOE penta-slash. 1st Sequence: 80% ATK of Physical DMG. 2nd Sequence: 80% ATK of Physical DMG. 3rd Sequence: 100% ATK of Physical DMG. 4th Sequence: 100% ATK of Physical DMG. 5th Sequence: 250% ATK of AOE Physical DMG.

Endless Aura

Significantly extends sword ki range of basic attacks. Each hit of Basic ATKs or Combo ATKs deals 120 more Physical DMG.

Mind Aura
ss rank

Increases Crit DMG of basic and combo attacks by 40.0%.

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