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Kindred's Link


Leader Bonus: Kindred's Link: Team gains 25% Move SPD. MECH-type characters gain 14% Attack Speed.

Kindred's Link
s rank

Team gains 25% Move Speed. MECH-type characters gain 14% Attack Speed.



Character automatically gains passive bonuses. Upon performing an Ultimate Evasion, character gains a continuous Holy Brand effect for 60s. If another Ultimate Evasion is triggered during that duration, the mark will be cleared and the character will receive a Holy Salve effect for 10s. If the character HP is below 30% of max HP, then quickly heal 200 HP/s.

Divine Huntress

While Holy Salve effects are active, character gains 45.0% DEF.

Breath of Gluttony
ss rank

Holy Salve gain 50.0% Max Healing.

Shade of Envy

Against ignited or bleeding enemies, gain 20.0% to Total DMG Multiplier.

Kindred's Feint


Quickly evade enemy attacks. Can be performed twice in a row. Shadow: Upon performing an Ultimate Evasion, deals 200% ATK of Physical DMG against nearby enemies and inflicts a 13s Hunted Mark. Holy Brand: Gained upon an Ultimate Evasion, boosting Physical DMG by 15% for 10s; CD: 15s Follow-up: Tap [ATK] within 3s after an Ultimate Evasion to immediately cast Sturmgeschütz.

Phantom Walk

After evasion or switch entry, character takes 30.0% less Physical and Elemental DMG for 6.0s. CD: 15s

Lucid Strike

After Ultimate Evasion, character's Physical DMG skill effects gain 30.0%.

Reach of Desire
s rank

Shortens CD of Ultimate Evasion by 2.00s. Restore 70.0 HP upon a successful Ultimate Evasion. If current HP is below 50%, additionally restores 70.0 HP. Healing effect CD: 5s

Combo: Purifier's Brand

Special Attack

Unleash a powerful shot after the 1st sequence of the Basic ATK: Power Shot: 300% ATK of Physical DMG against targets along a straight line; targets hit will be marked with a Hunted Brand for 13s.

Heart of Rage
s rank

Deal 35.0% more DMG against shields.

Feast of Mammon

Under Holy Salve, Basic ATKs that hit an unignited enemy have a 11.0% chance to ignite said enemy to deal 35.0% ATK of Fire DMG every 0.5s for 5s.

Ward of Sloth
ss rank

When exiting with Holy Salve active, slows ATK Speed and Move Speed of nearby enemies by 80% and weakens them to make them deal 80% less Total DMG. Effect lasts 4s.

Barrage Macabre


Suit up in a powered battlesuit to unleash raw devastation. Powered Battlesuit: Tap and hold the [ATK] button to continuously attack enemies in front of you. SP cost: 125; CD: 30s; Ultimate Skill duration: 10s. Autorifle Attack: deals 50% ATK of Physical DMG and impairs enemies (if not yet impaired), reducing their DEF by 50% for 10s. Missile Attack: deals 50% ATK of Physical DMG. Restructure: During Ultimate, if character HP is below 25% max HP, then heal 200 HP/s. Character cannot be killed throughout the skill duration, but will also be unable to switch for other characters.

ss rank

Summons orbital bombardment attacks (lasts 15s) upon Ultimate activation, dealing 150% ATK of Physical DMG per second and inflicting a 13s Hunted Mark. Effect ceases immediately when the Valkyrie leaves the battlefield.

Brand of Despair

Ultimate gains 15.0% Total DMG Multiplier against enemies marked by the Hunted Brand.

Sun of Ragnarok
sss rank

Within 15s after casting Ultimate, enemies in a large area take 80.0% ATK of Fire DMG every 0.5s. 1st hit inflicts 3 Ignite Trauma. Subsequent hits each inflicts 0.3 Ignite Trauma and ignites enemies for 10s dealing 30% ATK of Fire DMG per 0.5s. Skill effects end when Valkyrie exits.

Nocturnal Cantata

Basic Attack

Activates Sturmgeschütz attack after the 3 Basic ATK sequences. The direction of Sturmgeschütz can be controlled using the joystick. 1st sequence: 2x40% ATK of Physical DMG. 2nd sequence: 2x40% ATK of Physical DMG. 3rd sequence: 2x50% ATK of Physical DMG. Sturmgeschütz: Deals 4x50% ATK of Physical DMG and impairs the targets (if not yet impaired), reducing their DEF by 50% for 10s. Sturmgeschütz deals 100%x2 ATK of Physical DMG against all enemies with a Hunted Brand within a 10m range. If there are no more than 3 enemies on the battlefield, Sturmgeschütz will deal 200%x2 ATK of Physical DMG instead.

Sin Stalker

During the 3rd sequence of the Basic ATK and Sturmgeschütz, the Valkyrie gains Iron Body and takes 70.0% less Physical and Elemental DMG.

Sanguine Feast
s rank

Each time Sturmgeschütz is activated, the Valkyrie's Basic ATKs and Ultimate ATKs gain 8.00% Total DMG for 13s. Effect can be stacked up to 6 times. Triggering this effect again resets the duration. The Valkyrie loses 2 stacks of said buff effect when attacked outside the skill duration of Sturmgeschütz or Ultimate.

QTE: Erosive Pride

QTE: Triggered when enemy is knocked airborne or shield break. Deals 7x140% ATK of Physical DMG to nearby enemies and gain 1 stack of Sanguine Feast buff. Tap the [ATK] button within 3s after using QTE to unleash Sturmgeschütz.

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