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Valkyrie Bladestrike

Valkyrie Bladestrike

Sakura Aura


Leader Bonus:. Sakura Aura: Team gains 40% DEF in battle. BIO-type characters gain 9% Max HP.

Sakura Aura

Team gains 40% DEF in battle. BIO-type characters gain 9% Max HP.

Passive Skill


Character automatically gain passive bonuses.

Shadow Aura X

Gain 40% Total DMG Multiplier versus enemies with broken Elite Shield.

Combo Keeper
s rank

Ignores combo interruption once. Can be triggered once every 30.0s. Applies for the whole team.

Energy Overflow
ss rank

When deployed character reaches max SP, distributes 50.0% SP gain to undeployed characters.

Phantom Blade


Quick dash to evade enemy attacks. Time Fracture: Triggers Time Fracture upon an Ultimate Evasion, slowing all enemies for 3 sec. CD: 15s.

Aerial Slash

Tap the [ATK] button after Ultimate Evasion to unleash Blade Flurry. Blade Flurry gains 40.0% Crit DMG when attacking enemies knocked airborne.

Shadow Razor

Shortens CD of Time Fracture by 2.5s.

Wind Aura
sss rank

Upon Ultimate Evasion, character gains 60.0% Attack Speed for 3+1.0s. Duration of Time Fracture triggered by Ultimate Evasion is extended by 1.0s, at the end of which enemies will be knocked airborne and dealt Combo Hit Count (max 200) x 50) of Physical DMG.

Combo Skill: Void Edge

Special Attack

Slash flurry attack. Each Sequence: 210% ATK of Physical DMG. Fatal Slash: 260% ATK of Physical DMG.

Switch: Impact Flurry

Switch entry unleashes Blade Furry. Blade Flurry gains 30.0% Crit Rate when attacking enemies knocked airborne.

Relentless Flurry

Tap the [ATK] button during Blade Flurry to keep triggering Blade Flurry (limit: 6 times).

QTE: Issen
s rank

Triggers QTE when enemy is affected by Time Slow, unleashing One Flash and dealing 250% + 550% ATK of Physical DMG.



Activates Valkyrie SP burst to enter Valkyrie Mode. Burst: Consumes SP continuously to increase all forms of attack. Continuous Burst: Consumes 20 SP to activate and 10 SP/s aftewards. Duration: 60s or until SP is depleted.

Martial Stream

Channels energy during Burst, recovering undeployed characters' SP by 2.00 per second.

Ki Spirit
s rank

Increases Crit Rate by 10.00% and Crit DMG by 75.0% during Burst.


Basic Attack

AOE penta-slash. 1st Sequence: 80% ATK of Physical DMG. 2nd Sequence: 80% ATK of Physical DMG. 3rd Sequence: 100% ATK of Physical DMG. 4th Sequence: 100% ATK of Physical DMG. 5th Sequence: 250% ATK of AOE Physical DMG.

Kinetic Aura

Basic ATKs gain 30.0% Attack Speed.

Spirit Aura
s rank

Gains higher Ignore Interrupt during Basic ATKs or Combo ATKs. Reduces Physical DMG taken by 30.0%.

Ankage Jutsu
ss rank

Increases the SP gain during basic and combo attacks by 30.0%.

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