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Valkyrie Gloria

Valkyrie Gloria

Praefect Equites


Leader Bonus: Praefect Equites: Boosts 30.0% bonus Fire DMG. Throws deal 17.0% bonus total DMG.

Praefect Equites
sss rank

Boosts Fire DMG by 30.0% and total DMG of Throw by 17.0% for the team.

Passive Skill


Passive bonus apply automatically Resolve: Starts at 240 and maxes at 480.

Burning Honor
s rank

Deals 55.0% more Fire DMG against ignited enemies.

Medal of Victory

Performing at Throw with weapon active entering cooldown or inflicting Collapsed debuff recovers 480 Resolve. Triggering Throw Counter recovers 240 Resolve.

Victorious Pursuit
ss rank

Triggers a/an 2.0s Time Fracture when unleashing Throw of activating the CD of weapon skills.

Augur Martialis


Tap [ATK] upon Ultimate Evasion to directly unleash the 5th sequence. Augur Martialis: Restores 120 Resolve and triggers Time Fracture for 3s. CD: 15s.

Battle Stampede
sss rank

In Combat Focus state, the 5th sequence of Basic ATK deals 40.0% more Total DMG.


Augur Martalis grants Combat Focus for 3s, where the Valkyrie can directly unleash the 5th sequence of Basic ATK after evasion by tapping [ATK] and restores 3.0 SP and 40 Resolve on hit.

Charged ATK: Impetus Gloria

Special Attack

Tap & hold [ATK] to unleashed Charged ATKs. At least 240 Resolve: Hold [ATK] to gain Adamance and Iron Body after 0.6s and enter Sprint Stage 1, where each hit costs 40 Resolve and deals 50% ATK of Physical DMG & 80% ATK of Fire DMG. Consume at lease 240 Resolve to enter Sprint Stage 2, where Fire DMG of each hit rises to 100% ATK. Consume at lease 240 Resolve: Release [ATK] to launch Sprint ATK dealing 100% ATK of Physical DMG & 450% ATK of Fire DMG, or perform 1st sequence of Basic ATK otherwise. While in Aura Ignis with over 240 Resolve, hold [ATK] to consume all Resolve for Decisive Blow dealing 8x60%+350% ATK of Fire DMG & 200% ATK of Physical DMG. Every Resolve consumed boosts total DMG by 0.2%.


In Sprint Status, for every 40 Resolve consumed, Sprint ATK deals 40.0% ATK of bonus Fire DMG.

Fiery Will

During Sprint ATK of Decisive Blow, every 240 Resolve consumed grants stack of Fiery Will which boosts Fire DMG by 6.0% and reduces total DMG taken by 5% for 30s (10 stacks max).

Fueled by War
ss rank

Decisive Blow additionally grants 2 stack(s) of Fiery Will; with max stacks of Fiery Will, the final hit of Decisive Blow deals 250.0% of bonus Fire DMG.

Eruptio Magnifica


Unleashes a Might Blow with a massive lance Leap towards the target and pull in nearby enemies for a short duration, dealing 2x300% ATK of Physical DMG + 2x300% ATK of Fire DMG, then hurl a massive lance to further deal 500% ATK of Physical DMG + 1800% ATK of Fire DMG and inflict Quantum Implosion on QUA enemies, and generates an Aura Ignis covering the entire field, where Basic ATKs and Throw Counter recover twice the Resolve and Valkyrie gains higher Ignore Interrupt for 15s. Activation cost: 100SP.

Undying Fire
s rank

Gains 50.0% Total DMG during Aura Ignis.

Streamlined Splendor

Casting Ultimate recovers 480.0 Resolve.

Forging Fire

Within Aura Ignis, after hitting any enemy with Basic ATK (including Charged ATK) 3 times, the next Basic ATK (including Charged ATK) additionally deals 80.0% ATK of Fire DMG.

Hasta Domina

Basic Attack

Five-sequence lance attacks. 1st Sequence: 80% ATK of Physical DMG. 2nd Sequence: 140% ATK of Fire DMG + 120% ATK of Physical DMG. 3rd Sequence: 160%+80% ATK of Fire DMG. 4th Sequence: 4x60%% ATK of Fire DMG x2. 5th Sequence: 200% ATK of Physical DMG + 300% ATK of Fire DMG. The 2nd, 4th, and 5th sequences restore 40 Resolve on hit.

Fighting Will
s rank

The 4th sequence of Basic ATK restores 1.0 bonus SP every hit.

Flaming Lance

Basic ATK SEQ 5, Sprint ATK, and Decisive Blow ignite enemies hit, dealing 30% ATK of Fire DMG per 0.5s for 10s and inflicting 5 Ignite Trauma.

QTE - Irae Angelus

Triggers when an enemy is Time Slowed. Deals 300% ATK Physical DMG + 800.0% Fire DMG and restore 240 Resolve.

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