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Valkyrie Chariot

Valkyrie Chariot - Black Hole

Cooldown: 30s

Summons Valkyrie Chariot, which unleashes a Black Hole that lasts 10s, sucking in enemies and causing Bleed. The ranged physical DMG taken by the sucked in enemies is increased by 27%, the total DMG dealt is reduced by 50%, the Ignore Interrupt is significantly reduced, and the enemies are Stunned for 6s after the Black Hole vanishes.

Divine Prayer

Divine Prayer - Divine Retribution

Cooldown: 40s

Triggers Global Time Fracture for 12s, during which, Falling Thunder is triggered every 2s, dealing 100% of ATK as Lightning DMG to all enemies and impairing them, and DEF is reduced by 80% for 5s.

Snowy Sniper

Snowy Sniper - Arctic Snow

Cooldown: 60s

Summons Snowy Sniper, freezing enemies across the battlefield and increasing their physical DMG taken by 35% for 12s. Deals 150% of ATK as Ice DMG after the freeze ends.

Lightning Empress

Lightning Empress - Lightning Charge

Cooldown: 40s

Immediately restores 50 SP for deployed Valkyries with the Lightning Empress's help.

Vermilion Knight: Eclipse

Vermilion Knight: Eclipse - Ravaging Flame

Cooldown: 60s

Summons Vermilion Knight: Eclipse, with a devastating ATK that deals a total of 2650% of ATK as Fire DMG + 350% of ATK as Physical DMG. After that, Might of An-Utu is unleashed, dealing a total of 2600% of ATK as Fire DMG and inflicting a 20% Fire Vulnerability on the target enemies for 10s (this support skill's DMG decays below 85 difficulty).

Bright Knight: Excelsis

Bright Knight: Excelsis - Knightly Bulwark

Cooldown: 30s

Summons Bright Knight: Excelsis, who swings her lance and unleashes an Ultimate, dealing 930% of ATK as physical DMG (the DMG decays below 85 difficulty), and blocking all attacks against the Valkyrie for a short period.

Azure Empyrea

Azure Empyrea - Empyrean Sunder

Cooldown: 50s

Summons Azure Empyrea, which gathers enemies and deals 1500% of ATK as Fire DMG to all enemies for 15s (this DMG decays below 85 difficulty), as well as increasing elemental DMG by 30% against all target enemies. Valkyries regain 1 SP every 1 second, have a large increase in Ignore Interrupt, and have a 16% increase in Elemental Breach.

Blood Rose

Blood Rose - Blood Boost

Cooldown: 40s

The Blood Rose reduces the HP of the deployed Valkyrie by 30%, and increases the Total DMG dealt by the Valkyrie by 60% for 10s.

Haxxor Bunny

Haxxor Bunny - Star Destroyer

Cooldown: 40s

Summons Haxxor Bunny, whose presence increases Valkyrie's Total DMG by 12%. She performs a carpet bombing for 7s, dealing 60x30% of ATK as Ice DMG and increasing Valkyrie's Ice DMG by 15% for 15s. Triggering it again resets its duration. It also sends Valkyrie into Tracking mode, which increases Total DMG by 10% for 15s. Bombed enemies' Move Speed is reduced by 40.0% for 15s.

Midnight Absinthe

Midnight Absinthe - Nightbird's Call

Cooldown: 60s

Summons Midnight Absinthe, whose presence increases Valkyrie's Fire DMG by 20%. Her assault deals 6x150% of ATK as Fire DMG. She then shoots an explosive arrow at the ground, dealing 300% of ATK as Fire DMG on hit and 700% of ATK as Fire DMG to surrounding enemies by exploding, which also increases the team's Fire DMG by 30% for 18s. She simultaneously creates a Raven Cloud that lasts 18s over the battlefield. If the team damages the enemies in the cloud, the cloud explodes 1s later to deal 600% of ATK as Fire DMG.

Reverist Calico

Reverist Calico - All Paws on Deck

Cooldown: 50s

Summons Reverist Calico to deal a total of 2100% of ATK as Ice DMG, increase Total DMG for deployed Valkyries by 10% for 16s, and restore 3 SP for deployed Valkyries. When she is present, deployed Valkyries deal 25% bonus Total DMG against frozen enemies.

Starlit Astrologos

Starlit Astrologos - Eight Formations

Cooldown: 50s

Deploy a formation with a whirling tornado, gathering enemies at the tornado eye and dealing 20 x 160% ATK of Physical DMG in total. Reduces incoming DMG by 20% and increases Ignore Interrupt for 15s. Increases deployed Valkyries' Physical DMG by 25% for 18s. With Starlit Astrologos, Physical DMG dealt by deployed Valkyries' Ultimate and Burst Mode increases 15%.

Stygian Nymph

Stygian Nymph - Chthonic Fury

Cooldown: 30s

Summon Stygian Nymph to inflict Quantum Implosion on QUA enemies once, pull and immobilize enemies for 4s, deal 100% + 7 x 100% ATK of Physical DMG, trigger a 2s Global Time Fracture, and increases Valkyrie's Total DMG by 15% for 15s.

Fallen Rosemary

Fallen Rosemary - God Hunter

Cooldown: 45s

Summon Fallen Rosemary's Garmr to attack, gather surrounding enemies, and deal 600% ATK of Lightning DMG. Add 10 Paralyze Trauma and increase Valkyrie Elemental DMG by 25% for 20s.

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