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Honkai 3rd

Elysian Realm
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Honkai 3rdStigmataAna Schariac (B)

Ana Schariac (B)

Ana Schariac (B)
HP : 435 / ATK : 49 / DEF : 89 / CRT : 16

Boosts Attack Speed by 20.0%. Host deals 30.0% bonus Ice DMG to enemies within 5 meters. The bonus damage drops by 3.0% for every meter of distance beyond 5 meters (caps at 10 meters of distance).

Ana Schariac

Herrscher of Ice Set

Might of Solid Rime 2 Pieces

Boosts Ice DMG by 25.0%. Combo and Charged ATKs summon Ice Pillars around enemies on hit to deal 400.0% ATK of Ice DMG to enemies nearby and boost host's Ignore Interrupt for 3s. CD: 10s.

Heart of Bitter Ice 3 Pieces

Combo and Charged ATKs deal 50.0% bonus Total DMG. Host deals 10.0% bonus Ice DMG to enemies within 5 meters.

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