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Honkai 3rd

Elysian Realm
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Honkai 3rdStigmataBronya Zaychik (B)

Bronya Zaychik (B)

Bronya Zaychik (B)
HP : 434 / ATK : 57 / DEF : 84 / CRT : 10

Total DMG increases by 10.0%. After casting weapon active, enter Inceptive Authority that increases Elemental DMG by 34.0% for 18s (cannot stack; triggering it again refreshes its duration). A Valkyrie in Inceptive Authority will pass it onto the next Valkyrie that replaces her.

Bronya Zaychik

In the Name of Truth

Echoed Dissonance 2 Pieces

If a team member is in Inceptive Authority state, the bearer deals 12.0% more Total DMG. If other team members are in Inceptive Authority state provided by the bearer, casting weapon active will refresh Inceptive Authority's duration. In Herrscher form, landing a Combo ATK improves Inceptive Authority's effect, making all enemies receive 18.0% more Total DMG for 18s (cannot stack). Triggering it refreshes its duration. This effect is immediately lost when Inceptive Authority ends.

Ascent Humane 3 Pieces

Combo ATK, Ultimate, and attacks in burst mode deal 20.0% more Ice DMG. If a team member is in Inceptive Authority, all enemies receive 16.0% more Elemental DMG (cannot stack).

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