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Honkai 3rd

Elysian Realm
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Honkai 3rdStigmataCezanne (B)

Cezanne (B)

Cezanne (B)
HP : 362 / ATK : 64 / DEF : 66 / CRT : 16

When hitting character's Combo ATK, all enemies are inflicted with Structure Outline, increasing their TOtal DMG received by 36.0% for 6s. CD: 16s. Team's characters are enhanced once. Entering the field again clears the enhancement and causes Structure Outline to last 1.5s longer, up to a maximum of 9s. Structure Outline can only be stacked twice.


Depicter Impression Set

Shading Soul 2 Pieces

Gain 1 stack when dealing Bleed DMG to enemies. Upon gaining 10 stacks, deal 500.0% ATK of Physical DMG to targets, clearing all stacks. This DMG counts as Bleed DMG (Can only gain additional stack once every 0.3s, DMG CD: 5.0s. Unable to gain stacks during CD). When equipped by Starry Impression with B-piece, unleashing Ultimate inflicts Structure Outline on enemies and enhances team. When Structure Outline ends, Total DMG received by all enemies increases by 36% for 12s. Structure Outline enters a 20s CD. Can only trigger once in every 20s.

Opal Bonds 3 Pieces

Wielder gains 35.0% ATK Speed. After using Ultimate, when attacking enemies with broken or no shield, Total DMG dealt is increased by 2.0% for every stack of Bleed inflicted on the enemies (maximum of 10.0%) for 20s. This effect cannot stack and triggering it again resets the duration.

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