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Honkai 3rd

Elysian Realm
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Honkai 3rdStigmataDickens (M)

Dickens (M)

Dickens (M)
HP : 411 / ATK : 0 / DEF : 177 / CRT : 19

Boosts Physical DMG by 30.0%. Basic, Combo, and Charged ATKs grant 1 charge on hit. 5 charges max. CD: 1s. Ultimate consumes all charges and every charge consumed deals 100.0% ATK of Physical DMG in a small area.


Pen of Critic Set

Foe of Industrialists 2 Pieces

Basic, Combo, and Charged ATKs deal 20.0% bonus Physical DMG and an additional 15.0% bonus Physical DMG against MECH enemies. Casting Ultimate boosts Total DMG of Basic, Combo, and Charged ATKs by 20.0% for 8s. Can be refreshed

Social Truth 3 Pieces

Casting Ultimate reduces Total DMG taken by 30.0% and improves Ignore Interrupt for 8s. When equipped by the Olenyevas, charges of an individual stigmata start at 5 and max at 8. The starting charge bonus can proc once every 10 min in Open World.

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