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Honkai 3rd

Elysian Realm
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Honkai 3rdStigmataFu Hua - Margrave (T)

Fu Hua - Margrave (T)

Fu Hua - Margrave (T)
HP : 423 / ATK : 115 / DEF : 22 / CRT : 0

Deals 20.0% more Fire DMG; with Fyreheart active, all team members gain 20.0% Fire, Ice and Lightning DMG. This effect cannot stack.

Fu Hua - Margrave

Guard Emperya Set

Tireless Warrior 2 Pieces

Deals 30.0% more Fire DMG; after spending no less than 25 SP in once action, the team gains Fyreheart for 18s (triggering this again resets the duration).

Feared Champion 3 Pieces

When spending no less than 60/120 SP in one action, Fyreheart triggered thereupon causes enemies affected by Warhaunt to take 17.0%/20.0% more Total DMG. (Warhaunt effect does not stack.) Fu Hua equip bonus: Minimum SP cost to activate Fyreheart is reduced to 15.

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