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Honkai 3rd

Elysian Realm
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Honkai 3rdStigmataZorro (T)

Zorro (T)

Zorro (T)
HP : 362 / ATK : 121 / DEF : 44 / CRT : 0

Gain 20% Total DMG Multiplier. After an Ultimate Evasion, gain 3.0 SP.


Night Vigilante Set

Blink 2 Pieces

Gain 1 charge for every 10s on the field. When there are nearby enemies deal 100% ATK of Lightning DMG to a random nearby enemy and stun them for 0.5s. The host also enters Destreza mode. Any evasion will trigger Ultimate Evasion effects (Destreza ends upon Ultimate Evasion). Unleash a Lightning Shockwave when going on the field for the first time. After Ultimate Evasion, Combo / Charged ATKs gain 20% Total DMG Multiplier for 5s. Triggering the effect again resets the duration.

Z Chop 3 Pieces

After Ultimate Evasion, the next attack unleashes a Z-slash (CD: 10s). The Z-slash deals 300% ATK of Physical DMG to enemies within a small AOE. Also applies impair, lowering enemy DEF by 50% for 5s.

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