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Honkai 3rd

Elysian Realm
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Honkai 3rdWeaponsX-01 Azure Eye

X-01 Azure Eye

A powerful cannon designed by the Mikoyan Design Bureau. It is named after the legendary cobra that swallowed the world, signifying the World Serpent's desire to achieve world domination.
ATK : 177 / CRT : 16 (at Max Lv 35)


Multiple Cluster Missiles

Launches homing missiles at multiple targets. Longer charge time. Slightly decreased DMG when hitting the same target multiple times. 1st Sequence: 3 missiles. 2nd Sequence: 7 missiles. 3rd Sequence: 15 missiles.

Frost Stare

[SP: 12][CD: 20s] For 6.50s, the wielder's attacks slow enemies Move Speed and Attack Speed by 60% for 3.5s.