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Honkai 3rdWeaponsBook of Fuxi

Book of Fuxi

A spherical quantum computer unearthed in China by Schicksal that was then linked to pieces of Soulium bearing the name "Fuxi" to create this cannon. This weapon can assume three forms: Thunder, Fire, and Ice. Of course, the secrets hidden within this weapon far exceeds these 3 elemental forms...
ATK : 271 / CRT : 37 (at Max Lv 50)



Against ignited, impaired, slowed, or frozen enemies, gain 30.0% to Total DMG Multiplier.

Three Elements

[SP: 6][CD: 8s] The weapon can transform and switch between 3 elemental forms: fire, lightning and ice, and uses said elements to destroy the enemy. Fire: Charged attacks launch fire balls that inflict 2 Ignite Trauma. CD: 1.5s. Lightning: Charged attacks launch a homing explosive lightning orb. Hits have a 15.0% chance of dealing 150% ATK of bonus Lightning DMG and impairing the enemy, which reduces their DEF by 60% for 3s. Ice: Launches a continuous ice fog. Hits slow enemy Move Speed and Attack Speed by 50% for 3s, and have a 2.0% chance to inflict 5 Rime Trauma.