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Elysian Realm
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Honkai 3rdWeaponsXuanyuan Sword

Xuanyuan Sword

A super weapon from the Previous Era. It can easily manipulate the 3 elements of Thunder, Fire, and Ice using Honkai energy. The power of this weapon far exceed the scientific understanding of the modern age.<color=#FF9BFF> The true powers of this weapon are still dormant. Perhaps they shall be awakened in the future.</color>
ATK : 276 / CRT : 32 (at Max Lv 50)


Elements Drive

[SP: 9][CD: 12s] Continually discharge Lightning, Fire, and Ice energy, each dealing 240% Physical DMG plus 240% corresponding Elemental DMG. Elemental DMG inflicts 5 Paralyze/Ignite/Rime Trauma based on its element. Skill can be charged 3 times. For a period after using the weapon active (Lightning: 4s; Fire: 7s; Ice: 10s), enemies nearby take 100% ATK of Elemental DMG every second from lightning, meteors, or hailstones.

Sword Defence

Charged ATK gains 25% Total DMG Multiplier. When attacked or after Ultimate Evasion, launch 2 penetrating ethereal Xuanyuan swords towards the enemy target, knocking all enemies airborne along the way and dealing 200% ATK of Physical DMG to enemies hit. CD: 10s.