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Honkai 3rdWeaponsThunders of Elijah

Thunders of Elijah

A missile launcher manufactured by Mikoyan Design Bureau named after Elijah, the Biblical prophet that the Slavs adapted to take the place of the God of Thunder, Perun. To provide protection during loading, MDB also added a plasma defense system to the weapon to smite attacking enemies.
ATK : 271 / CRT : 10 (at Max Lv 50)


Homing Swarm

Launches homing missiles at multiple targets. Longer charge time. Slightly decreased DMG when hitting the same target multiple times. 1st Sequence: 3 missiles. 2nd Sequence: 7 missiles. 3rd Sequence: 15 missiles. When missiles hit an unlocked enemy, apply Locked Mode for 6.0s. Character attacks on enemies with Locked Mode gain 5.0% Crit Rate.

Plasma Quake

[SP: 9][CD: 15s] Deals 1750 Physical DMG to nearby enemies. Locked enemies receive an additional 1750 Physical DMG.