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Elysian Realm
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Honkai 3rdWeaponsKeys of the Void

Keys of the Void

A guided weapon system summoned from the Void Realms by the 2nd Herrscher upon awakening. These dual pistols do not fire bullets, but "commandments" that tear through the space-time fabric. K423 is the perfect vessel designed by Otto for receiving the Herrscher of the Void when she returned. However, this vessel exerted a strong influence upon the powers of the Herrscher and altered her physical form as well.
ATK : 264 / CRT : 37 (at Max Lv 50)


Gates of Revelation

[SP: 5][CD: 16s] Unleashes 3 energy shockwaves in front of wielder with a large interval in-between. Each shockwave deals 200% ATK of Physical DMG, knocks enemies airborne, and generates a Space Core. Subsequent explosion at the Space Core deals 300% ATK of Physical DMG. Herrscher of the Void equip bonus: Space Core generated is buffed by the Herrscher's own abilities, deals another 150% ATK of Physical DMG, and regains another 60 Herrscher Charge.

Void Sigil

Character deals 20% more Physical DMG and gains 30% Crit DMG.