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Honkai 3rd

Elysian Realm
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Honkai 3rdWeaponsKey of Reason

Key of Reason

Bronya constructed this cannon using the Core of Reason. It can be mounted on Project Bunny or deployed as hover guns. The Power to Rebuild of the Herrscher of Reason required years to fathom, but Bronya understood this cannon in mere seconds thanks to her prior knowledge of war and weaponry.
ATK : 294 / CRT : 18 (at Max Lv 50)


Universal Blueprint

Charged cannon. 1st Sequence: Single shot. 2nd Sequence: Empowered double shot. 3rd Sequence: Super-powered triple shot. Wielder deals 35% more Ice DMG.

Logical Construct

[SP: 5][CD: 25s] Attack with a constructor weapon to deal 500.0% + 9 x 85.0% + 300% ATK of Ice DMG. Final hit inflicts 10 Rime Trauma. After use, gain 45% Total DMG Multiplier for 7s. Herrscher of Reason equip bonus: Weapon active renders enemies Analyzed for 7s. Casting Ultimate restores 5 SP.