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Honkai 3rd

Elysian Realm
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Honkai 3rdWeaponsSeven Thunders of Retribution: Rumble

Seven Thunders of Retribution: Rumble

A Divine Key made from the core of the 3rd Herrscher, the Herrscher of Thunder. A certain expert implemented the jackpot system that allows it to change its structure based on the wielder and surroundings. Naru, or Rumble, is the name given to its blade form.
ATK : 284 / CRT : 22 (at Max Lv 50)


Thunderbolt Call

[SP: 0] [CD: 15s] Channel the Honkai energy in the Divine Key to slash out an X-shaped beam, dealing 300.0% x 2 ATK of Lightning DMG in total. The first hit inflicts 10 Paralyze Trauma. Wielder is invincible while casting the weapon active and regains 10 SP. Herrscher of Thunder equip bonus: Can use the weapon active in burst mode to deal 600.0% ATK of Lightning DMG. She is invincible and has Ultimate Evasion Skill triggered while casting the weapon active. After casting the weapon active, she can immediately cast Finisher, which extends Ultimate CD by 11s. On hit, 2 kinds of weapon actives inflict a 15s Narukami's Mark.


Wielder deals 30.0% more Total DMG to enemies of countered-type. Casting Ultimate resets weapon active CD; CD: 10s. Herrscher of Thunder equip bonus: During the 2-sequence Ultimate, all skill timers and the stage timer are paused. She gains 200 Herrscher Charge on every entry; CD: 10s. If she casts weapon active in burst mode and Finisher before exit, the dragon will remain on the field as a summoned entity and bombard enemies in mid-air. She retains Herrscher form while the dragon is present. The dragon gains up to 600 of her current Herrscher Charge, and its bombardment consumes 200% Herrscher Charge and deals 70% DMG compared to her. The dragon disappears when it loses all energy, has been on the field for 10s, or she casts Ultimate again.