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Eliudnir MOD

Enhanced form of the weapon Eliudnir. Eliudnir was the palace of Hel, the Nordic goddess of death. For whom was this weapon designed for?
ATK : 275 / CRT : 35 (at Max Lv 50)


EX: Palace of Misery

[SP: 20][CD: 18s] Deploys the cross (summoned entity). For a period of 10s. For allies in the AOE, attacks gain 30.0% Physical DMG against enemies that are stunned or slowed. Enemies in the AOE also suffer 75% slower Move Speed. Fires light beams every 1.5s at a random enemy within range to deal 320.0% ATK of Physical DMG and knockdown. The 1st hit will stun enemies for 6.00s.

EX: Mist of Decay

Character attacks gain 40.0% Total DMG Multiplier against enemies with slowed move speed or stunned.